Finish That Project

Finish That Project

Finish line

We have all at one time I’m sure, had a project we started and wanted to finish. Maybe kept putting it off for some reason. The timing wasn’t good, we had other tasks at hand we had to finish. Something came up, or family came over to hang out for a little bit. That’s always my problem, my family is always stopping by unannounced. Yes, I love my family and love hanging out with them. I’m probably just being selfish with my time I guess you could say.

Durning the week, I’m very busy with my crazy life and schedule. If I’m not working on the weekend I like to unwind and kind of relax and catch my breath and regroup. I mean, I’m still working on my website or books or whatever needs to be done. It’s a different kind of work you could say. Yes, it’s work, but I love doing this and it’s what I want to do. Work on my next blog post, or keep finding ways to make my website better and more enjoyable for you guys. There is still a lot of work I need to do, or new things I’m learning.

My story

What I’m trying to say here is this. I’m hopefully about a month away from publishing my book. As long as everything goes well and I have no hiccups. This will be a three-year project coming to a close, hopefully before the new years. Now to be fair, I don’t want to publish it just because and be done with it. It has to be perfect, or as close as possible haha. After all, it’s my memoir and my story. You guys need to have all the information you need to fully understand who I am. I want you to know who the real me is, and the message I’m trying to share here.

I would be lying if a few times I thought to myself, maybe this won’t work after all this time. After all, it’s been three years now? I know I’m in the home stretch here, but who cares if it takes a month or three years. This is something I have put so much time into, I don’t care how long it takes. This isn’t just a project I’m trying to make a quick buck off of here. This is my life, my very personal and private life that I’m letting the world into. I’m literally going to be an open book hopefully in the next month or two.


A goal of mine was to sell a million copies of my books. It doesn’t have to be just one of my books it could be a grand total it doesn’t matter. The point of this is a kid who hated school and couldn’t write and with all of my faults and issues, and my LD. I stopped using those as excuses and I woke up and decided and committed to making a difference. At the time when I started writing this, I was using this as a journal to vent and let out my frustrations. Then not far after I started writing this. I realized I could do so much more with this. I could reach so many people sharing my story, and letting the world know who I really am.

Even though my goal is to still sell 1 million copies of my book. My dad reminded me when I made my goals two years ago. It shouldn’t be about the money. It should be about the people, and the impact I might have on them? I don’t like admitting my parents are correct, but my old man was correct. It doesn’t matter if I make a penny or a dollar per book. If I could reach 1 million kids alone, and maybe play a small roll in there life and help them. That is way more important than any amount of money per book.

Fingers crossed

Honestly, who knows if my writing is even that good? I guess will find out in a month hopefully, fingers crossed haha. If it is or isn’t it doesn’t matter, I’m still going to try and do my part and finish this project that I started. I committed to this project over three years ago and I’m only getting started people.

Don’t get caught up in the time frame and so focused on that. Life is not a sprint and most projects we work on is not a sprint. Life is a marathon, it’s a long race and it takes hours and lots of practice. Just like life when we try different jobs or going to school to figure out what’s next. That’s life, you have to keep trying different things to find out what it is you want to do, and what your good at. Don’t be discouraged with what little progress you have made so far in life, or that day or week. Try your best and focus on the journey and enjoy the ride, and make the most of it? Commit to that project you want to finish. Don’t stop and make excuses, find a way and make it happen. Now is the time?