My Reality Check

My Reality Check

 Day 7

My reality check is here, it’s a week into the new year and time isn’t slowing down. Regardless of what happens today tomorrow or next week. Time will still be moving on regardless if I’m ok with it or not, it won’t stop for me and it won’t stop for you.

Going into this new year I was committed to make it my best year ever. I know it’s only been a week so far, but I still truly believe that. My plan is to publish two books this year, and continue to keep blogging and keep sharing why I’m doing this and what’s my purpose behind all this madness.

I want to become a published author and share my story with the world, that hasn’t changed. I want to turn my three-book series into movies and take it to Hollywood. That was the plan once I started writing the series. I pictured it in my head as I was writing and I thought to myself. You know this could be good, I think I might be on to something. Of course, I’m going to favor a dream of mine and going to think positive about my work. I truly think it’s entertaining and it will sell and it can be turned into something.

New Year

Those are just some of my goals I have talked about. They are big goals and dreams, I won’t disagree with that. I’m sure you have heard it before and I know I have said it before if you’re going to dream then dream BIG. It should be big enough that it scares you and your embarrassed to share it with people. Well, surprise, sharing who I really am and sharing private details about my life growing up about my issues. Well, that scared the crap out of me, and here we are. About five months later and this will be my 45th post now. I feared this and freaked out about it multiple times. I realized enough is enough, I think this could be good and it could benefit people. So, I took the chance and decided to share my story, and who knows where this might go.

As of right now Sunday, January 7th, I’m still stuck and here we are. I don’t know what’s next for Peter, and I have no way of knowing if my books or website will blow up as much as I think and know they can. Outside of my two-part time jobs, I have right now, and my third part-time job working on my books and website whenever I have free time. Other than those two jobs I’m not making the money that I probably should be. I’m just making enough to squeak by, and well it sucks living paycheck to paycheck.

What’s Next

This is my life’s work and I don’t know what my purpose is or what I meant to do? I think it was to share my story about my life with you and with kids that need to hear it. I’m nobody special and my unique story is nothing special. I just finally got tired of living the boring and lame life I was living.

Reality smacked me in the face and I finally woke up. I finally snapped and started living for once after all these years. Maybe writing won’t be a full-time job like I hope and pray for every day. Maybe I won’t be the next big-name writer and selling millions of books, and honestly, I’m fine with that. What I hope to gain out of this, is the opportunity to share my story and help people and kids along the way. I want to help people that felt like an outcast and felt different like me. Those people who have a learning disability or are dyslexic like me.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are going through or went through. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s all planned out. I still wouldn’t change anything about my past or what happened earlier, because that past brought me to this point. It gave me this drive and hunger for success and trying to build something from scratch and be a part of something that’s bigger than me. When I started writing, this was not what my intentions were. I just wanted to write books and make enough to have writing be my full-time job and entertain people.

Glass Half Full

I know what I want, it’s not money and to fill my pockets. I want to make enough so I could continue to pursue this full time. More importantly now, I want to talk with people that are just like me and who are going through their own dark tunnel right now. I have been there I lived it, I’m still living it to this day. I know what those dark days were like.

Now I see the light shining, and I know what’s around the corner. What’s around that corner is the WORLD, and now I’m finally ready to start living for the first time ever in my 27 years. I have seen what my future is, and what I saw is the world and anything I want? It’s up to me what I want and what I want to go after. It’s time for us ALL to get out of our comfort zone and make this the best year ever.

I finally recognized where I am in life, and it’s not enough I want more. I want to be a part of something bigger than me, I need to give back more and play a bigger role in people’s lives. What’s your reality look like after a week into the new year? What is it you want or have been wanting to pursue after all this time? Remember to look at that glass half full now and not half empty.