New Book

The World Through Bella’s Eyes 

A Pit Bull’s Story  

Now Available

I have exciting news people. Lindsay, Bella and I are happy to announce our new book is now available on Amazon. It’s a kid’s chapter book about Bella’s unique story. We are very excited to share Bella’s story with you and the world.

This story is about Bella’s life and everything she has gone through in her life. From her being a bait dog the first six months of her life to getting diagnosed with cancer at five years old.

Unfortunately, when you hear Pit Bull people’s ears perk up and not in a good way. Lindsay did a lot of research before she found Bella. When she was researching to find a dog, she didn’t fall for the trap like some people. She kept reading into Pit Bull’s and realized how loyal and good they really are. Sadly, enough she also realized how misunderstood they are. That’s when she fell in love with this breed.

This story is through Bella’s eyes and she is telling you her story and walking you through her life. This is a kid’s chapter book, ages 8 and up is what we’re aiming for. But more importantly, this book is just as much for adults as it is for kids.

We want to share a true story about one unique Pit Bull’s story. Is Bella perfect? No, she’s not, but if you ask me she’s pretty darn close. With everything this poor innocent dog has gone through in her life, what’s so fascinating about this whole thing is the kind of dog she is now.

We wrote this book as an inside look into Bella’s life, and what it’s actually like being labeled as a “dangerous” dog. It’s not nice to judge others and be mean to them. But when it comes to an innocent dog and especially a certain breed, how come we forget about that rule? We want to share with you how misunderstood and how beautiful these dogs really are. Are they perfect, of course not? What dog is, actually what human is?

Author Spotlight on abc27 Good Day PA

Below is a short video I did on abc27 Good Day PA talking about the book. If you want to read instead, here is a link to get the first two chapters if you would rather read instead of watch

The World Through Bella’s Eyes: A Pit Bull’s Story