Your Mess Is Your Message


If I ask you about your life what would you say? If I asked you what you think of your life and what you’ve done with it so far what would you say? What if I say to you your mess is your message how would you react? That’s right its true, your mess is your message and we all have a mess.

Your message is the good, the bad, and the ugly you have gone or currently going through. Will it always be fun, no. Will it always be pretty and or exciting, no. But as long as you’re willing to work and work hard at it to overcome and do better then you were doing. Will it be worth it, the answer is a big fat YES?

What A Mess

My mess is my message and looking back at it right now, I’m proud, very proud of my mess. My mess of a life help brought me here to this very point right now. For years and far too long I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I didn’t like who I was and was judging myself and picking myself apart before others would have the chance to. I figured if I kept my distance they wouldn’t see the real me. The lost, the confused, and the broken.

Little did I realize looking back now, I was clearly lost and I don’t disagree or deny that. But I wasn’t broken, I wasn’t a waste and I wasn’t a mistake. I was meant to be here for a reason. I was meant to go through my hard times in my school days and early 20s to help get me to where I am today.

You Get What You Put In

I’m sure if you ask some people if you could go back in time to change or fix anything, would you? Well, ask yourself that question. Would you go back and change anything? If someone asked me that question I would say no right away with no hesitation. Because I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe what you put into your life and the opportunities in front of you are what you get out of them. If they are bad situations and you don’t make the most of them well they will stay bad. If you made a bad decision and flipped it around into a good one or for the better. Well, then it would have been worth it.

For me, I don’t want to say I made bad decision after bad decision, that’s not true. Overall my life, I can’t say it enough I had it pretty easy I can’t lie. I can’t lie and say my parents got divorced or one of them died at a young age. Or I got in trouble with the law and so on and so on.


Looking back, I had a very easy life for the most part. The only hard part and the tricky part I battled and had to keep fighting was what was going on between my ears. That’s what made my life seem like it was hard or I had it worse than others. In all reality I didn’t, I had it much easier than most. But what I did have and struggle with even to this day at 30 is the belief in myself.

Over the years I struggled to believe in myself thinking I was a mistake and I won’t be able to do anything special. I’m not going to win in life or I won’t become the man and the person God wanted me to become. Well, what if these struggles and issues or battles I had over the years was meant to happen? What if I was meant to struggle in school and battle my dyslexia my whole life to help me build a better work ethic? What if me not being the smartest kid in school helped build a fire inside of me of wanting to win and better my self?

My Mess

That’s what I think is what happened. Yes, I believe everything happens for a reason. But I also believe God gives us the opportunity to make decisions and choices for ourselves. Did I make bad choices and go a different direction, I don’t think so? But what if making those choices myself help build me into the person I am today?

So, I will ask you again. If I say to you your mess is your message how would you react? I would say my message is unique and one of a kind. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and low and high points overall. But in the end, this life and my mess is my message and I’m proud of it.

Still Learning

Yes, it’s easy now looking back once you got over that hump or a hard time to say ohh it was worth it. But it’s true looking back at where I was what I was doing and trying to figure out my plan next. I can now say I love my mess and my message its slowly turning into something great.

Now do I have everything figured out, of course not. I still have a lot of learning to do and a lot of growing to do. I always will be trying to improve and get better because that’s life. Getting better and growing is a daily habit that you must do every day.

Be Proud

Now I challenge you to not be ashamed of your mess and instead embrace your message. Will it be hard sometimes, of course, it will? Will you be uncomfortable sometimes, of course, welcome to life? Now is the time to not be ashamed of you or run away and give up.

Now is the time to stand up and embrace the suck you’re going through and more importantly embrace you. Your mess is your message and be proud and share it with the world and make a difference along the way.