What Will Your Life Look Like

What Will Your Life Look Like

Your Life

Some people die at 76 and never lived, some die at 50 and lived a rewarding life. What will your life look like when it’s all said and done? Will it be ok, or will it be rewarding and something you will be proud of?

The average lifespan for men as of 2017 is 76 years old. That doesn’t seem that old if you think about it. If that’s the case this March I will have 48 years left to live. Now, of course, that’s the average. Now is the time to live and start doing something with yourself. Just because I’m healthy, that doesn’t guarantee my life every day, things happen, life happens. That’s why we need to all start living every day like our life depends on it.

Happiness In Life Over Years Of Life

Because it’s true we don’t know when our time will come or how much longer we have. For some people the time they finally hit there last day and it’s their time. They were already dead for years, well on the inside. Some people were zombies all of their life, and dead on the inside. They just gave up and were scared of life and scared to live.

For me, I would rather live 20 years less or whatever the time frame might be then that zombie. I would rather kill it every day, bust my butt from this day going forward until the day I die at 76 years old. Knowing I gave it my all and tried my best and did the best I could with the time and resources I had at hand.

Take A Second

How you go about your everyday life, is how people look at you every day. It could be as simple as opening a door for someone. Or maybe picking up that piece of trash on the ground at the gym and not stepping over it. YES, I’m talking to the two guys from the gym that steeped over it in the locker room yesterday. Now I know those two examples are stupid and seem so small and simple I get that. Think about it, if it’s that simple and you’re ignoring them, then what else aren’t you doing or ignoring in your life?

From ages 6-25 I felt dead and like a zombie on the inside. I was a flat line for years and years. Trying to figure out who Peter was and what was next for me and what my purpose was in life. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, and I think a lot of us should be focusing on that a lot more. For me, I think I was too distracted, and my vision and bars were set too high some days. It took me away from living most days and distracted me from the real world. Not just the world in my head, but also through my eyes every day.

I Finally Woke Up

Now it took me a few years to finally realize that and recognize that, but that’s life sometimes. You live and you learn every day, we should be learning something new and trying to grow. That’s why at 25 I finally recognized where I was going and the path I was on. The path I was going on, was going to take me nowhere. The path I was on was leading me to a roundabout, I kept going in circles and circles every day. Doing the same thing every day, it was time for a change and I needed something new.

Looking at my past, and my goals I came up with I needed to upgrade myself and change who Peter was. With the goals I had for down the road, and the kind of impact I want to have on people and kids. In order to accomplish those goals, I had to change a lot in order to follow through with my goals and in my life. So, I did, I changed my ways and adapted. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going next and so on and so on. But here’s where I became different and when I started living for the first time in my 27 years.

One Day At A Time

With no direction and no plan, I didn’t know what to do. What I did though was something. I took it one day at a time and one step at a time. As cliché as that sounds and trust me I know. That’s what you have to do, take it one day at a time in life. Don’t just wish for the end result and try and jump to the end goal that you’re working on. Honestly, that’s stupid and where’s the fun in that? Sure, I get it you want to see that goal or whatever you’re working on becoming a reality. Trust me I understand; my one book has been a three-year process. Then my series I’m working on has been a seven-year process. So, trust me I completely get it, and I understand.

With that, you need to start enjoying the journey and enjoying the ride. You never know when you might learn something new and grow as a person. Who knows if you just skip to the end, you will miss out on the journey and going through the ups and the downs. That’s why it’s so important to embrace the suck sometimes. That suck at that moment and what you’re going through is helping pave the way and turn you into the best version you will become. Now is the time to start living and living in the moment. Not when you’re too old and regretting your decisions. Start working now so you can make the most of it, and not have any regrets when it’s your time.