Like to Win or Hate to Lose

Like to Win or Hate to Lose

What Are You

So do you like to win or hate to lose? Think back for a minute. When you were playing sports in school. Playing board games with your family, or whatever other activity you can think of. How did it feel when you won? How did it and you feel when you lost? Did one feel better or worse than the other?

I’m very competitive and hate losing. But dont get me wrong I love to win who doesn’t. Pingpong against my brother in law. Playing monopoly with my wife and two nieces the other day and I won and it felt great. So which one are you? It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Do you like to win or hate to lose?

Losing Sucks

For me, I’m definitely a hate to lose kind of person. But my competitive nature in me loves to compete but the winner inside of me expects to win I guess and doesn’t accept losing. Even if it’s in a stupid board game or card game. Something so simple as playing in my backyard I still want to win.

I think what started me off in the hate to lose phase was when I was younger and struggling with school. Yes, I know “eye roll” it all goes back to school and being younger with me again. I struggled in school and never did that well with my dyslexia and always did horrible on tests. I was always scared about seeing my test when it gets handed back to me.

My Struggles

It all comes back to my struggles. I would always fail or do bad in school and that messed with me. Compared to athletics that was always easy for me. The school part for me made me feel like a loser and the anger and frustration inside of me whenever I had to take tests do homework and well anything else for school changed me and the hulk in me came out.

I wanted to win in school so bad. I remember thinking to myself about how athletic and good I was in sports. Thinking to myself I wish there was a way I could trade in some of my athleticism to do better in school. I know that sounds funny but I thought about that. I was willing to trade in or take away something I was very good at and thrived in just to help make up for in an area I wasn’t very good at and struggled with.


That’s how much losing bothers me. As great as winning is and as much as I love it, the losing sticks with me way more. All I ever wanted was to have confidence in myself, believe in myself, and believe I can and will do something special and great with my life and win. Thats why like to win or hate to lose sticks with me.

That mindset helped transition to my jobs and the work-life over the years and also writing now. I dont want any regrets before my time comes. I want to be proud and happy with what I did with my life over the years.

Don’t Give In

Who knows if I will be able to write and speak full-time down the road. Who knows if I will publish 10 or 20 books down the road and sell millions of copies and have some of those books turned into movies. For me, it’s, not the money that will come with publishing that many books or selling that many. For me, it all comes back to me from day one with where this all started.

This all started with a weakness of mine. For most of my life, I thought I was broken and I couldn’t do anything great with my life. Now say all of those things do come true. The writing, speaking, I publish 20 books and one or two of them become movies down the road. For me, it’s not about telling people what I did and what I worked for and dreamed for over the years. It’s about showing them firsthand what I did and proving and sharing with people it’s possible. I dreamed about it, worked hard, and didn’t settle or make excuses. I worked my tail off to chase after something and never stopped until I got there.

You Can Do It

It’s possible to change and get better. It’s possible to turn a weakness into a strength or into something better than it was. It’s about sharing my journey and sharing what I’ve gone through and struggled with over the years and sharing with others what I did. We all struggle with things, we all have our own weaknesses and issues. Some dont do anything with them, some just accept them, some change them and fix them for the better. What do you want?

For me, I did all three. I didn’t think I could do anything or fix anything. Then I slowly one step at a time started working on me and slowly changing me and my situation around me. Was it always fun, was it perfect and easy of course not? Did I enjoy every minute of it, of course not? Sometimes what you need to do is embrace the suck and keep going. In sports when your doing sprints. Did you stop before the line and cut it short, or sprint through and touch the line?

My Unique Story

Looking back I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Because I stopped making excuses and stopped settling in life. I stopped thinking to myself well this is what I was dealt with I can’t fix or change anything. No thats crap. You can change and get better, and you must change and get better. Not just for yourself but for those around you.

Now is the time to become a winner and stop settling for losing. There’s no right or wrong answer. Do you like to win or hate to lose? Whichever one it is focus on that. Focus on winning in life or do and give everything you got in life to prevent yourself from losing.