Bella Louise

Bella Louise

Sad Day

This is going to be a different kind of post today. This post is not meant to motivate you, inspire you, or help you. Well, I guess that will be your decision to decide if it will do any one of those or not.

This date was the day that Lindsay and I lost our pup, Bella Louise Harrower unexpectedly. It has been very hard especially for my wife. Those two had a very special and unique bond.

Bella’s Life

In case you don’t know who Bella Louise is, here is a quick recap. Bella was used as a bait dog for the first six months of her life. When they were done with her in the dogfighting ring, they left her tied to a tree in the middle of January outside for three days. Someone finally noticed her and called it in and a lady from a shelter came out and saved Bella. An hour later my wife came in and saw and rescued Bella and it’s been history ever since.

Bella was also diagnosed with cancer at five years old just a couple of years later. She is a fighter and a trooper and thanks to my wife, who did everything she could to help this dog. In case you didn’t know it wasn’t just Lindsay that saved Bella. Bella also saved Lindsay a couple of times from her past and that only helped their bond grow even more over the years.

A Unique Bond

Lindsay and Bella have such a unique bond and relationship, that after Bella beat cancer the team in Maryland where Bella had her surgeries wanted to study Lindsay and Bella’s relationship.

This dog was a fighter, this dog has been through so much in her almost nine years of life. She was a survivor. You should know, May 1st would have been her 9th birthday.

Bella Louise was beautiful and a one of a kind dog to me. I have only known Lindsay and Bella for a little over two years. Bella is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. Yes, I know, she is my dog I’m sure everybody has said that. But it’s true, this dog acted like a human sometimes. If we said something she didn’t like she would huff at us and let us know.

A True Blessing

I have dozens of stories I could share with you and I know Lindsay has way more. Bella wasn’t just a dog to Lindsay and I. To Lindsay, she was her guardian angel that looked after Lindsay so much when it was just the two of them.

Bella opened up my eyes to how amazing and truly special this Pit Bull breed is and how misunderstood this beautiful breed is. I have had dogs my whole life growing up and I have never met and had a dog quite like Bella. Not just what she did as a dog playing and sleeping, you know the typical stuff dogs do.

To me, it was the little things she did that got me. When it was getting late and she was tired she would come to the top of our bed and whine to go under our sheets and would want us to lift them up so she could go to bed. Her pissy attitude when her bone would fall or go under something and would look up at us to get our attention (most of the time she would push it under on purpose so we would give her attention haha.)

What A Year

Bella was unique and she was beautiful. Not just her beautiful red fawn-like hair. It was her personality and how much she loved people, even strangers she never met if they came over to the house. If we let you inside she would feel you out and once we gave her the ok it was like she had known you her whole life and jumping on you trying to make you happy and give you kisses.

Around May of 2019, Lindsay and I came up with an idea that would forever change our lives going forward. For Lindsay, it was a chance to share her and Bellas’s story and to try and put a good, happy, and healthy story out into the world especially about Pit Bulls.

Bella Is Famous

For me, it gave me a chance to cross something off my bucket list. To write a kid’s book, and like I said the rest is history. We published The World Through Bella’s Eyes: A Pit Bull’s Story, September 10th, 2019.

From that day to now, opened opportunities in my eyes that only seemed like they would be dreams and never become a reality. We went to a school and talked to 60 4th graders about writing, publishing, and sharing Bella’s story. We also had a chance to go on the news on Good Day PA and share her unique story.

Beautiful Breed

Our main goal with writing her book was to bring light and show a different side of this beautiful misunderstood breed. We’re not here to judge and blame anyone or media or anything like that. All we want to share with you is that some of the stories you hear might not be completely true. To also let you know that in the end, a dog is still a dog.

They don’t have human instincts and they are in the end just a dog. If they are surrounded by the wrong type of people they might be taught the wrong thing just like you and me if we grew up in a bad family or neighborhood. All we wanted to do was bring light and bring a real TRUE story to this beautiful breed.

RIP Beautiful

To Bella Louise, which means beautiful protector. We love you, we miss you, and we will never forget you. You were a protector to your mom and me just as much as we tried to protect you. Thank you for all of the great memories over the years. You left us far too soon. You will always be in our hearts and we will not stop trying to help Pitties the rest of our lives because of you. We will always try our best to help and rescue other pups that need a forever home just like you.

6 thoughts on “Bella Louise”

  1. Nicely written Peter, she was a sweet dog and a true blessing. So sorry for your loss.

  2. I am so saddened to hear that sweet Bella Louise has passed away. She was an incredible dog and her bond with Lindsay was incredible ❤.

    1. Susan thank you. She was a good dog and we miss her still. Lindsay and I talk about her still almost every day.

  3. Hello Peter & Lindsay, I bought your book about Bella for my teenage daughter after she saw it on Amazon UK & after she finished reading it she gave it to me to read. It was a Wonderful book & I enjoyed reading Bella’s story but now I am very, very & very Sad & my daughter too about the news of Bella’s passing….Bella has crossed the Rainbow Bridge & someday you & Lindsay will be reunited with Bella. I’ve always known that pitbulls were a misunderstood breed of dog from watching Tia Maria Torres telly show Pitbulls & Parollees on the telly here in the UK. Thank you Peter & Linday for writing such a Brilliant book about Bella Louise Harrower…

    1. James

      Hello, thank you for purchasing the book and for reaching out to us about it. It really means alot. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes, it was sad when we lost her and it’s never easy. It was a hard couple of days and we still talk about her to this day. Yes, they are a beautiful breed and so misunderstood. I couldn’t be happier to be team Pit Bull and help out this beautiful misunderstood breed.

      Thank you again for reaching out. Where are you located in the UK?

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