I love photography and using a camera and capturing the perfect moment through a lens. I’m definitely no expert, but I think I have done alright with the places I have seen and the pictures I had the chance to capture.

On top of Huascarán mountain in Yungay, Peru 2014

This was the main reason why our team went to Peru. We were helping them build a new building, I forget what they used it for it’s been a few years. I believe they used it for a washroom. This is what the bricks looked like once we helped make them. The other is just a close-up, with my name in it.

Another reason we went was to connect with the boys. Playing games with them, talking with them and they loved soccer or football. They were good, and our team was not haha. They loved picking on our team and definitely didn’t show any mercy.

This is the compound where we stayed for our whole trip.

The picture with the cloud over the mountain was behind the compound and where we slept, our backyard. The other picture was at sunrise one morning. The one with the building in it, is the front yard, right in front of where we slept and at sunset. Where I’m standing to take both pictures was on our walkway we had outside of our building.

The mountain with the cloud over it in the picture above. Back in the early 70s, there was an earthquake and with that quake, it caused a massive mudslide. That mudslide killed over 20,000 people that day. Causing massive damage, I mean look at these pictures and the size of those rocks? Also to help put it into perspective, I’m 6’2 and you can see how much bigger that rock is than me. The top picture used to be a bus. Where we stayed in the compound above, part of the mudslide came down where we stayed.

These pictures are from the cemetery that they built to honor everyone that died that day. It was beautiful what they did. Also one of the locals that helped us build the bricks for the building we were building. He was a little kid when the quake and mudslide happened. He remembered hearing the screams that day from the people and getting hit with debris that day.

Some random pictures I took along the way while on this journey.

Our last full day in the compound, they made us a fancy dinner for our last big meal. This was the pit where they cooked the food. They had a fire going for hours, and then wrapped the food and put it in the pit for a few hours to cook it slowly.

Some local friends I met along the way on this journey.

Me, Dave middle, and Steven Dave’s older brother on the right.

Some pictures from the summer of 2013 when my family went to Cape Charles Virginia for vacation.

This was my backyard one night during the sunset back in 2014

This past May I went on a backpacking trip across western Europe. Above are a few pictures from Germany. The castle is a youth hostel we stayed at the first two nights. When I took the picture of the Rhine river, I’m standing on the balcony of the castle one morning. We were eating dinner at the Munich train station, and watched the sunset. The last few pictures were when we went to Dachau, a concentration camp. That was definitely an eye-opener, some of the pictures and information we read about that camp was unbelievable. How all of this evil happened within this camp, it was unbelievable what they did.

Next, we went to Bruges Belgium, and probably my second favorite place we visited. Belfry of Bruges is a bell tower in the center of Bruges. My friend and I climbed it, and the picture of the buildings is when we were at the top of it. The other pictures are just pictures of the canals.

Next, we went to Brussels Belgium. I took about 2,000 pictures on this trip, I’m just sharing some of my favorite pictures for now. First is, of course, a Belgian waffle. Next is the square of Brussels called Grand Place. Last is just a random sign I saw, Men At Work.

Next was Roosendaal Netherlands, and this was the best picture I had, haha, We weren’t here that long only a few hours. It wasn’t really a tourist area, so this was it.

Next was Interlaken Switzerland. Switzerland was probably my favorite country as a whole. The first three we went to Lauterbrunnen and went on a hike looking at the mountains and waterfalls. Next was a tent village called Balmers we stayed at for our last three nights of our trip. The last two was from a Chalets in the mountains. The owner of it owns Balmer’s tent village, he invited us up to his private Chalets one afternoon. It was unbelievable the view we had from his place.