Halfway Point

Chapter 8

The last couple of posts I shared have been samples of chapters in my book. A few chapters I already blogged about over the years. Click on TWTMDE chapters category to check out a sneak peek into my other chapters. It will be below the halfway point post. 

The first half of my book is a lot of my struggles and low points in my life. How I struggled in school, the hatred I have for myself the anger and rage I developed over the years. If you read my book or are reading it I’m sure you will understand what I’m saying. If you haven’t read it yet, well then what are you doing? I’m just kidding, I’ll let it slide this time. If you have no idea what book I’m talking about, here’s the link my book.

Keep Moving Forward

Were halfway into my story, but now is when things start to look a little better. Going through life and figuring some stuff out is what I needed. I don’t want to say things are starting to make sense, but I’m slowly, slowly starting to feel a little better about myself and who I am and what I’m doing.  

I think my life we really started at 6 years old. That’s when I was “officially” diagnosed with my learning disability. That’s when I had to change schools because my current school couldn’t help me. When I first started to climb that steep mountain in front of me it was very intimidating. At a young age and I never thought I could reach the top.  

Every day I would be taking a step trying to move toward the top of that mountain. Now I don’t know what’s at the top of my mountain, but it doesn’t matter what’s up there. All I know is where I was at the bottom of my mountain, I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled like I had a purpose. Something had to change and I had to change. Now when I was younger and in school I had my parents and teachers to help me. I don’t have that anymore I graduated from school a couple of years ago. Now I still have my parents, but they couldn’t help me with this anymore. It was about time I grew up and started handling my businesses and problems on my own. 

Put In The Work

If I wanted to get smarter, I had to read and learn more. If I wanted a better life then I had to put in the time and effort and make it happen. That meant sacrificing some things in my life. I had to put in the work to become a better writer to help my future career. Guess what? I had to write, and keep writing until my books were complete.

A lot of time was wasted just walking through the world like a zombie every day. I loved my family and I’m very blessed and lucky. But I needed more than a great family which God blessed me with and I’m grateful for that every day. We only get one life and one opportunity to live and make the most with that life. I wasted far too much time before, now if I want to better myself then I have to change. That change starts with me and me alone. 

I want to publish books, I want to write for a living and express the creative mind that God gave me. I want to help and entertain people with my words. My main focus and goal with my writing are to help kids and young adults with my writing.

No Excuses

If Bart is dyslexic like me and hated school and had trouble studying and doing homework and was unhappy for a while. But Bart knew there was something different about him. He always wanted to help people and always believed he was meant for something greater and bigger than Bart. If Bart doesn’t work as hard as he can to fulfill those dreams and make his life and other peoples lives around him better. If you ask me then he didn’t do his job and failed. 

Just because you’re dyslexic, doesn’t mean you can’t read. It doesn’t matter what your fighting or going up against. We were all created to do something special. Now, will some be on a higher scale and level, yes of course but that doesn’t mean they are better than you. That’s the life God wanted for them and they made the most of the opportunities that were given to them. 

Write Your Story

Did you know you are an author? It’s true you are, you are the author to your own book you write every day, we all are. I’m an author to my life book, and also to the book I self-published. If you ask me when it’s my time to and I go home, if I didn’t help people or try and make a positive impact on people’s lives then I failed it’s that simple. Yes, I have these big earth goals. I want my fiction series to be turned into movies. But that’s not what I want to be remembered for. Why I’m here on earth I want to make big goals and have a big impact on people. 

We all should have big goals. I want to read 100 books and publish three books by the time I’m 30. Those are huge goals if you ask me. But here’s the thing I’m over 65 and I’ve written five books. I’m on pace and doing better than I ever thought I would be. I’m on pace to complete those goals and so can you.

Wherever you are in your life it doesn’t matter. You can do better, and you’re capable of doing better. All you have to do is decide, commit to it and work your freaking tail off to turn your life around. It’s time we all become dream chasers and not just dreamers.