You Are The Author Of Your Life

You Are The Author Of Your Life

Day 3

Instead of focusing on how each year we are adding another chapter to our life book. First, you must write something, and come up with a plan. That’s what we are doing here, you are the author of your life. What do you want to write this year?

Were all different authors, and were all writing different stories. Every day it’s a new page in our life, don’t get too caught up in what other people are writing. Were all chasing and searching for different paths and all are working towards different goals in our life. That’s why all of us are so unique, that’s what makes our stories so special.

What is it your searching for? We are all on different levels and in different phases of our life. Are you looking for purpose and direction in life? Do you feel like you have a purpose but not quite sure what it is yet? Maybe you have purpose, direction and finally, have an idea of what it is you want to do. You’re just not sure how to get there, maybe your scared because what you think you’re meant to do and put hours and hours and money into that craft. What if it doesn’t turn out and it backfires? Well if any of these are you or close enough to you well then you know how I feel.

Don’t stop working

Sometimes I think what am I really doing, will this work? If this doesn’t work out, then what am I going to do, what’s next? I have no idea what’s next, if this book thing works out or it doesn’t I have no clue. The only thing I know and can control is how hard I work and the effort I put into it.

I don’t know what’s next for me, or what the future holds. What I do know is, I know the person who is in control and decides what I want to do in life. That person is me, and YOU. As a Christian, I believe in the end God is in control and he has planned everything out. I also think we have some say in deciding what is it we want to do. As scary as that power can be, it is also very exciting. Even though I don’t know what’s next for me or what will happen this year. All I can do is keep working hard and try and create and bring to life what I’m writing and sharing every day.

It might not seem like it or might be hard to imagine, but we are all author’s. Maybe you’re not trying to create something from scratch with words like what I’m doing every day with my website and books. Every morning you have a blank canvas to work on. How you decide to decorate that canvas and what you decide to create is up to you?

Mindset Is Key

That’s another example of what drives me and what helps me get out of bed in the morning. Even though I’m going into a new day or week blind with no idea what’s next. What I do know is I’m in control and I play a major part in what I want to create and bring to life. That’s how we need to start looking at the days in front of us. Not so much thinking and looking at life. Crap, I still work here? If that’s how your feeling or your attitude behind something, you need to reevaluate what you’re doing with yourself? Life is to short to have those kinds of regrets. You and I are only wasting this precious gift of life that we are given every day.

If you agree or not, were all authors. Maybe you don’t quite see it like me, but ask yourself this. Did you decide what you want to do today, where you want to work for example? Most likely the answer is yes. If that’s the case then you can decide to change your life for the better and create something special and better this year. Don’t play the what if game, or thinking what if it doesn’t work? Well, it doesn’t work out then and you will find another way.

What Are You Going To Create

Looking at my life I’m used to getting rejected, and I have gotten rejected a lot over the years. I sent over 300 emails for my books and received over 105 responses saying no. I took a chance on a goal and something I have given hours and days into trying to create something from scratch. Finally, I feel like I have a purpose for once, and I was terrified. Maybe I’m not as good as I think if I have received these many rejections?

Maybe my writing and ideas are good I just didn’t find the right agent? I took matters into my own hand, I created my website and now I’m trying a different approach. The thing is I didn’t stop I kept going and trying to make it work. I took that canvas in front of me and decided to create something special myself. I don’t want people to do the work for me anymore. If I want to become the author I think I’m capable of becoming, then I must put in the work every day. I need to keep pursuing this hobby and turn it into a career. I have given six-plus years of my life to this craft, and have never been so determined and focused in my life.

You Are The Author Of Your Life

Do you know what you want to create this year? If not then maybe you need to reevaluate what you’re doing with your life, and not wait any longer. The time will pass, no matter what you decide. Either you go with the time you have and make the most of it, or the time is going to leave you regardless. What’s it going to be?