We Are All Inventors

We Are All Inventors


“Who are the great inventors? They are the persons with plain, straightforward, common sense, who have seen a need in the world and applied themselves to supply that need.” This is from the current book I’m reading at the moment from Russell Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds in Motivation Classics. We are all inventors. Were all able to create magical things, as long as we believe and keep doing our best.

With everything I’m trying to share and what I’m talking about. I’m a different kind of an inventor; I’m not your normal inventor creating the next big device. I’m using my words and my past experience’s that I went through and lived the last 20 plus years of my life, and giving that to the world and the next generation. Yes I know I still have a lot of life to live, I get that. I realize some people I maybe didn’t live enough life to fully grasp it or understand everything.

I’m Just Different

I’m just coming from a different perspective and a different angle than most people. My wisdom and what I’m trying to share with the world and the younger kids. It’s coming from someone who just recently lived it and is still currently going through it. Why can’t we have both perspectives and use both angles? There’s no right or wrong answer here. Again this is coming from two different perspectives and two different views of the world. Honestly, the more input you can receive the better. You are going to get a better idea of what works what doesn’t. That’s going to help you find, what you need to do.


We are all inventors, whether you realize it or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re physically building something with your hands that you plan on selling down the road. Or you’re just building a life like what I’m trying to do. That’s the invention I’m trying to build; I’m trying to build a life that’s worth living and live it to the fullest before I’m taken out of the game of life for good. I’m trying to get the most out of the opportunities that are placed in front of me why I can.

I might not be that smartest, I know I have already established that in my earlier posts. But what I have noticed is, kids need help, I needed help when I was a kid. I’m not saying nobody helped me when I was a kid and growing up. All I’m saying is I think people again mostly kids, need to hear what I have learned and what I experienced.

Do I know everything and do I think my way is the highway and the best option, of course not. That’s the point; I’m trying to show kids the direction to stay as far away from as possible. That’s why I created my website and now I’m blogging. These are the reasons why I don’t want to just publish this book now for the heck of it; I need to publish this book.

 Time To Man Up

Kids need help and if you haven’t noticed, so does the world. The world is a dark, dark place; I have been in a dark place for far too many years now. I’m trying to escape this tunnel I was in the last seven-plus years. I finally found the light in the tunnel then what happens, I’m walking and right smack dab in the middle of more darkness. Maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m always going to have a dark cloud over me the rest of my life?

If that’s the case well then so be it, I may have a dark cloud over me the rest of my life. But one plus about that is by sharing my story and my experience’s that might mean one less kid younger than me will have that dark cloud over himself. I know what life is like I know the feelings I have experienced and tasted over the years, the loneliness and feeling confused, and useless in the world. I’ve been battling those issues for years. I’m now starting to transition out of my negative mindset that I have had in the past.

When I wanted to join the military, yes I wanted to serve my country. Another reason as too why was so one other person didn’t have to. So that father or mother wouldn’t have to leave their kids and spouse to fight a battle they don’t have to fight. I have my family, yes and I’m beyond blessed I know, and of course, I don’t want to leave them. I have come to grips with the life I have now. I’m ok with that; I’m ok with being thrown to the wolves for whatever is waiting for me down my path.

What’s Your Invention

That’s why I can’t hide anymore, I need to suck it up and share my story and not put it off anymore. I have my problems yes, and honestly some of these problems I might have for the rest of my life. There’s only so much I can control with the cards I was dealt. But a young 12 or 13-year-old kid, they have time to change their ways and go a different direction.

This is my invention; no it’s not your typical invention I get that, if you think about it, every day we are all creating are on invention? Were all working on our own project, it is called life? We go different directions every day. All of us have different interests we enjoy and do. What makes your invention so special and unique? How are you going to present it to the world? Don’t expect anything from it, if you’re not willing to work for it and do the best you can. Now, what is your invention your going to give to the world?