Your Final 24 Hours

Your Final 24 Hours

Day 25

If you knew this would be your last day on earth. What would your final 24 hours look like? Would you spend every dollar you have and travel or do the things you always wanted? Maybe eat and drink whatever you wanted. Maybe you would just go crazy like a video game and cause mayhem.

For me, it’s easy what I would want to do. I wouldn’t want to travel because that would take a lot of time. I would probably want to eat whatever I can. Definitely have pizza, a cheeseburger, and some ice cream in there somewhere. My final hours I would want to be with my family and do what we do best. Be loud, laugh and hang out with my nephews and nieces and eat food. I always look forward to when my family gets together. As crazy as my family can be. There are no other people I would want to be with along this journey.

Final Letter

One more thing I would have to do, and there would be no debating this. I would want to write my final letter to the world. I have said before I have goals that I want to accomplish by March 25, 2020, when I turn 30. If that is the day I take my last breath, the only other thing I would want to do is write a final letter or book to leave behind after I’m gone. I would write about everything I learned. My letter would not be meant to be sad and depressing. Yes, I definitely had those moments in my life, and more then I would have liked, who hasn’t?

With how easy it is to write now. But as far as the material and coming up with everything that would be a breeze. The grammar and spelling, not so much haha. I would not stop writing till my hand falls off. As much as I love working out, I wouldn’t waste my time working out one last time. Honestly, how would that benefit me a day from now? What would benefit me, and knowing I’m doing the right thing is leaving something behind when I’m gone.

Keep Getting Better

Even if I spent the whole day writing and didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me. My family already knows how I feel about them, and how much I care. I may hide it sometimes, In the end, I never stopped caring. If you do it right, with your actions and what you do every day. Everyone should know the kind of person you are, and how you carry yourself.

I would want to try and inspire and motivate people one last time. Help those kids that I didn’t get a chance to. Even If I accomplish all of my goals by 30, I published four books and three of them or four get turned into movies. I finish my Ironman and continue to push myself physically and mentally to the best I can be. I have nothing else to give or prove to myself.

Life Is What Matters To Me

I don’t need people’s recognition or praise, that’s not why I’m doing this. Even if I get the chance to share my story or potentially and hopefully impact 1,000 kids or 10,000 it doesn’t matter the number. I’m not doing this for the glory and the thank yours or the other benefits that might follow. I could care less about the fame or glory, or maybe the money that might come from it.

I don’t need money to be happy, what’s more, important is life. If you do it right at the end of your journey. Your life should make you happy and the kind of impact you have on others, not just yourself. I want to leave something behind that’s bigger than Peter Harrower. At this point the only people that know me or recognize my name. Is my family, friends and the people that visited my blog the last few months. Other than that, right now nobody knows me, and that’s not enough I need to do more.

It’s Your Choice

Again, I don’t need to do more for the glory and the praise. I have said that a hundred times now, I DONT CARE about that. What’s important to me, is sharing my message with the underdogs, the outcasts the people that felt different and alone. Those are the people I’m talking to and the people I’m trying to connect with. The final letter I leave behind is my final thoughts and feelings I want to leave behind.

Just one final reminder wherever you are now in life doesn’t mean you’re going to be there for the rest of your life. The beautiful thing about life and what’s in front of us. The decision to follow that purpose and the path you were meant to follow is up to you. The path I have been in the last 27 years, yes has been hard. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. Sure, in the moment I might have thought, crap I wish I would have said this or did that.

What Would You Do

If you want to know who a person really is and find out the character they have. Ask them this question, or share this post with them. I am serious ask them? If a person tells you they want to spend every dollar they have instead of giving it all away. How they react and what they tell you is the type of character that person has.

When my time comes I’ll accept it and I’ll be ok with that because I know where I’m going next. What you need to ask yourself is, if you don’t know how to answer the 24-hour question. Then you haven’t done enough in your life yet? You haven’t impacted enough people or tried your hardest to be a nice person and help others when you should have. If you had 24 hours left to live, what would YOU do?

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