Life Is A Battle We Fight Everyday

Life Is A Battle We Fight Everyday

Day 13

In case you haven’t noticed yet, life can be tricky and hard sometimes. We have all had our own battles or have gone through some hard times over the years. Maybe not yet for some of you, someday it might happen down the road. All though that’s what makes our lives and “life” so special for us. Life is a battle we fight every day, even if we’re on cloud nine and were feeling great. We all had to start somewhere.

I have talked before about making the most of your dash, and how your life clock is ticking. This is along those lines. Even though you could have all the motivation in the world and all the support you need. Somedays it’s just not enough, or what you need. It’s something deep inside of you that you need to find, and continue to search to keep going.

That’s why the battle that all of us are fighting every day, is going to be different for all of us. Some battles are for the people fighting to protect us every day. Other battles might be to keep, moving forward and keep searching for your why and what your purpose is in life. That’s why on the outside everything might seem normal and seem like another day. On the inside of some of us, you don’t know what that person is going through. You don’t know how much they could be hurting or how long they have been wearing that mask of theirs?


A battle for me lately is spacing out my time between my books, website and not spending enough time in my sales job. This has been hard for me this week, honestly, I just didn’t want to call people or talk to them. All I wanted to do was write and that’s it. Keep working on my 31 days writing challenge and just write as many posts as I can for the upcoming days. Try and get a better idea of what I’m doing and why I’m doing this.

Realistically I could be spending my time doing worse things like playing video games or just wasting my time doing nothing. At least I’m spending it wisely and trying to get that much farther ahead with my hobby and my life. Yes, I know I need to look at my situation and realize what is bringing in the money now, and where my priorities are right now. I know this doesn’t sound that bad and it could be worse, and you’re right I won’t deny that. My battle compared to most is stupid, and maybe you won’t even call it a battle depending on what others might be going through.

Recognize When Your Complaining

Some people might be battling drugs, or even in the military getting shot at or something more serious than that. Heck, maybe someone recently just lost a loved one within the last few days. Who am I to complain about my struggles right now? As far as I know, I’m healthy and feel fine, I have a house over me and food and water. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in your life, or where you’re coming from or what your background is. We all have our issues and setbacks, that’s life and that’s all apart from the journey.

Yes, maybe now it might not seem like fun or you don’t want to smile about it. But depending on what you’re going through or what your situation is like. Maybe that situation will make your stronger coming out after it’s all done and finished?

 I Recognized Where I’m Wrong

With whatever you’re going through today, tomorrow whatever day it is. How you decide to respond to what gets placed in front of you, that is what you will get out of life. Are you going to let that issue walk all over you and get the best of you? Or are you going to control the outcome and what you need to continue to keep working on and fighting for what you want? Yes, my so-called battle got the best of me the last few days. But what’s important about my situation is, I have recognized it and I acknowledged what I did or didn’t do about it.

Yes, I was slacking in one field, for example, in the last few days. But on the other side of it, I got that much farther with something else that’s very important to me. That something is my writing, and how it relaxes me and calms me down. If I’m angry or whatever I’m feeling it helps bring me back to reality. It’s the counseling I never got I guess you could say and a lot less expensive haha.

Life Is A Battle

I know it might sound stupid and maybe you don’t agree with me, and well that’s fine I can’t control that. Looking at life and well looking at my life, this is how I feel. Life is a battle whether we like it or not or you want to acknowledge that or not. There’s always ups and downs and it’s not always easy and sometimes we get placed in tuff situations.

What you learn from those situations and how you respond to those battles is what’s important. Are you going to respond positively and come out with a victory for that day, or come out unprepared and let that problem walk all over you? Only you are in control of this battle nobody else can do it or decided for you. How do you want to respond to your battle today or tomorrow? Are you going to respond with a victory, or chalk it up as another loss in your life book?