Goals For 2018

Goals For 2018

Day 12

We’re about two weeks into the new year already. I think I figured out what I want to accomplish this year, and what I want my goals to be. I’m sure I might add more down the road or maybe change them and adjust them a little bit.

Goals should be a top priority for all of us every day. We need something to shoot for and to be working towards every day. If we are struggling one day, or maybe lacking the motivation to keep going. That’s part of the reason why we have goals to help push us.

The thing with our goals either for the year, or today whatever time frame you’re doing it for. You need to have a plan and think about it. Not just throw stuff together and say, yes this looks good let’s do that. I mean, to be honest, I guess you could do that. But with that kind of effort you put in is probably going to be the kind of effort you get out of your life and goals.

Stop Messing Around With Your Life

This is your life people, you should take this seriously and stop messing around. Time is still moving every day, time won’t slow down for everyone. That’s why we ALL, need to start showing time the respect it deserves. Myself included, I know I can do better as much as I don’t want to admit it but it’s true.

The choice is yours you can I either keep going and keep working hard every day towards something you want in life. Or you stay where you are, and just roll with whatever comes your way. Only you can decide and make the decision in life. Sometimes we must go through hard times to figure out what we want in life, and what we want to do.

Keep Working

Below are my goals for this year, and then also my list of goals for when I turn 30. The list of goals for when I turn 30 I made a few months after my 25th birthday. I got sick and tired of where I was in life and with the mindset and effort I was putting in every day and giving the world. I need to do better, I had to do better in my life. With the big goals, I have in life, which you will find out shortly I must keep working. If I want to publish my books, grow my website and continue to share my story with the world. Then I can’t slow down anymore and use the excuses that I used in my past. Remember you don’t want to forget where you were in the past and what you did or didn’t do in your life.

We should be excited and looking forward to what’s next for us. Unfortunately, life gets the best of us sometimes, I get that and I understand. That’s part of the reason why we do goals to help keep us accountable and to keep us moving forward. If we fall or have a bad day or get knocked down. When you go to fall just make sure you fall forward, and get up quickly and keep moving in the direction you want to go and searching for. If you haven’t noticed life can be hard and a battle every day, sometimes it’s very frustrating and were confused and don’t know what to do next.

What’s Next For Peter

That’s all part of the fun, trying to figure out who we are and what it is we want to do in life. Maybe at the time, it’s not a lot of fun. Once you look back at your life and see what you accomplished and achieved in four years. Maybe not right away but maybe you will smile and think, wow I can’t believe how hard that was for me? Oh wow, that was stupid I wasted so much time and was upset for so long about that problem or situation I was in. Of course, it will be different with every situation, but you get what I’m saying.

Maybe you’re not where you want to be in life right now. I can say that because I know I’m not where I want to be in life. I’m still trying to figure me out and figure out what’s next for Peter. What does 2018 have in store for me this year? That’s all part of the fun, the only thing I can control is how hard I work today and during this year and the mindset I have along the way. I can’t control the time it’s going to pass regardless of what I accomplish or don’t accomplish. That’s why ladies and gentlemen you might as well take a chance and dream big and go all in.

It’s Your Turn

Take that chance and make the most of it, and don’t have any regrets and hold back now. Make the most of this year. Make the goals big enough that it’s worth chasing after and working towards. You want it to be big enough that it scares you and its challenging. Also, some of these goals should be big enough that you’re embarrassed to tell people, that’s another good tip for you.

Now, what are you going to accomplish this year? Maybe now you need to rethink your goals for the year, or maybe start to come up with some goals. Regardless of where you are in that process. Make sure you keep working hard every day to make those goals a reality and check them off your board. What good is it going to be if they just stay on your board and you don’t do anything with them?

2018 Goals

  1. Write 500 words for 31 days straight
  2. Read 20 books
  3. Read the Bible in one year
  4. Have Peterharrower.com be on page one for Google
  5. Publish my first book
  6. Start the process of publishing my second book
  7. Have 100 subscribers to my website
  8. Sell 1,000 books this year
  9. Complete a 1/2 Ironman
  10. I have financial goal for what I want to make for LancasterPA.com
  11. Save $5,000 this year

March 25, 2020

  1. Publish three books
  2. Sell 1 Million Copies
  3. Have my trilogy turned into a movie
  4. Own my own business
  5. Have a six-figure income
  6. Read 100 books
  7. Own my own house
  8. Read the Bible in one year
  9. Featured in a magazine
  10. Finish an Ironman
  11. Finish a Marathon
  12. Buy a Rolex