My Journey Through 31 Days

My Journey Through 31 Days

Day 31

Well, today is the last day of my journey through 31 days. Thanks, Jeff for coming up with the idea and helping me over the last few months. You probably won’t see this, but I appreciate it, brother. My first thought about this goal and challenge ahead of me was, alright Peter let’s see how serious you are about your writing. Let’s see if you really want to challenge yourself and try and get better, or if you’re just talking. If you have been with me on this journey so far and read the last 30 posts or any other post. Then you know first-hand how serious I am about my writing. I’m not playing any games people, when it comes to writing this is the most serious I have ever been in my life.

I’m determined to publish my books and continue to keep sharing my story every day, and try and make a difference along the way. Will I become the next big author and sell millions of copies, I don’t know and I could care less about that. Sure, do I want to sell millions, well DUH haha. Who wouldn’t want to do well, and try and be one of the best in their field? That’s like asking Michael Jordan, do you wish you would have scored fewer points or won fewer trophies? It’s stupid to think that and say that. We all should be striving to do the best we can every day. This challenge of mine was just another eye-opener for me to keep working and keep getting better every day.

Keep The Momentum Going

Over the 30 days, I typed 29,928 words to share my posts with you. That’s not including today’s post. Jeff’s goal was to write a minimum of 500 words, that’s a good goal and target to shot for. That wasn’t enough for me, I needed more of a challenge. So, I decided to double that like all of my earlier posts, I went for 1,000 words a post. Well, no more than 1,000 I should clarify. From the bottom of my heart to all the people that have read my posts and have taken the time out of your day to read my posts, thank you.

Now that this is my last post for this challenge. After the first month of the new year, I already checked off one goal for 2018. It wasn’t my biggest goal I want to check off, but hey it’s still a goal. I’m hoping the momentum will help me to keep going and keep pushing to do better every day.

One Down

One of the biggest things I learned on this journey, I didn’t quit. There were a few nights with work and other stuff going on I forgot about it or I didn’t think I was going to make it. Maybe once or twice I thought, does it really matter if I miss one day? Who would really notice and care, besides me? Well, that wasn’t good enough, even if I was the only person that knew about my blog. I still started with a goal and I committed to something. At that point its only right that I keep going and finish that project. I think it’s safe to say, I did that and some. On a side note, it’s been a long month haha.

Now that I completed my first goal, that means I can kick my feet up and relax now correct? Well, you already know what I’m going to say about that, WRONG. I’m only just getting started and warmed up. I still have a lot more work to do, and more goals that need to be crossed out.

What’s Next

I have a half Ironman I’m just starting to train for. My book is still getting worked on and needs to be published. I have to read 20 books this year to keep my pace for 100 in five years. My website is now on page one of Google, so technically I can cross that off as well. A few other goals that will take the full year to finish, but what’s most important is you have a plan for them.

Within the last 30 days, I had 178 people visit my website, and 482-page views at that time. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect going into this challenge and my writing. My goal was just to make it a whole month and don’t skip. I didn’t have a plan for the people or views I was shooting for. I know the people will come and visit my website and word will spread over time. But in order for the word to spread about who I am and what I’m trying to do. Well in order for it to be worth it and give the people something to read and enjoy. Well, I had to give them something worth sharing.

It’s Your Turn

My plan now is to continue to do my best to inspire people and help out in any way possible that I can. I’m glad I did this challenge and pushed myself to finish something and see what I can do. Again, I’m grateful for all the love you guys have given and for reading my posts. The last 31 days, I did this for me. Yes, the content was for you, that’s obvious haha. But the content and the challenge were just as much for me and helped push me to continue to keep getting better and growing.

With this being my 31st post in 31 days with a total word count of 30,927 words I’m very pleased. I averaged 997 words per post through the 31 days. Now it’s time for your challenge and for you to keep growing. What goals have you checked off your list so far? If you haven’t checked any off, don’t take it personally or get mad. Don’t worry about what everyone else is saying or doing. Focus on you, and make the most of 2018 and keep kicking butt every day.

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