Making a firm decision, and not change it. When my book gets officially published, hopefully by the end of the year. No matter what, once I finally share this news with the world. I can honestly say, that this will be the biggest and greatest moment in my 27 years of existence. No disrespect to my family and some of the great memories I have had in my life. This had been a goal I have been working on for over six years now. A goal to publish a book, and with more down the road hopefully. I have never felt so Determined and hungry before in my life.  Never have I ever given so much effort to something before, and been filled with so much emotion in my life.

Now this book alone I have been working on for over three years now. Publishing this book especially, The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes. Has been at the top of my goals list ever since I made my goal’s list a little over two years ago now. This is my story, the real me, written out and told the only way I knew how. Flipping the script and turning a weakness and something I wasn’t good at, into not just a hobby and an activity. But turned it into an obsession and something I can’t stop thinking about.

I’m determined

I want to stop making excuses and get out of my funk that I was in. If I want to be successful and make a difference in my life. Then I think this is the right start in moving in that direction. Who knows maybe this will lead to something bigger than I ever could have imagined. Maybe I’ll just sell 1,000 copies and that’s it. Now, of course, I’m hoping and praying for the first one haha. If it turns out to be the second one, well then so be it. It wasn’t meant to be and I move on to the next thing in my life. I still managed to share my story with 1,000 people by writing a book. How cool is that? If a dyslexic kid who can’t spell, read fast and struggled in school can do it, so can you?

The beautiful thing about being determined. All of the sudden finding this work ethic and hunger for doing something bigger, I never knew I had. It is going to motivate me to keep going and keep working hard. I’m entering a field, realistically I probably don’t belong in. Trying to become a published author and who knows, maybe hitting the New York Times Best Sellers list. Is it a big goal absolutely I won’t deny that. What’s the point of going through life every day if we’re not working hard for something and just coasting by?


I now have found my second win in life to keep going and keep working towards something bigger than just me. Sharing my story, and up and downs with you. I’m a mess and have my faults, just like you weirdos haha. Nobody’s perfect and we all are different and unique. We all have a different story. We all should chase that dream, and check off our goals on our list. You know, the crazy thing is if you work hard enough. This might be a surprise, but you just might be able to do it as long as you keep working.

It all started when I was 21 years old. A kid well technically a (man) I didn’t feel like a man. I was lost confused, and unmotivated feeling hopeless with no direction. Starting out as a hobby to unleash his anger with the life he was living. A place where he could share his deepest darkest secrets and felt safe. Fast forward six years later, now feeling confident in calling himself a man now. He has written three books now in that time. He’s determined to not just share his story and life with you just to fill his pockets. But to make an impact and be apart of something bigger. Sure years ago I wanted to do it for the money and thinking how rich I could be?


Don’t get me wrong I hope it brings a lot of money in, I won’t lie about that. Now the only reason why I hope it brings in a lot of money? That means people are reading my story and I’m having an impact on their lives, especially kids are my main focus. Maybe just maybe, my story and struggles will keep them away from my path and they will stay focused and not miss the opportunities that I missed. That’s why I’m doing this. I don’t want people, especially kids, and young adults to struggle like I did.

Will I be the next John Grisham or J. K. Rowling, selling millions of books? Maybe, maybe not only time will tell. What I do know is I’m going to be the first Peter A Harrower, and there is nobody like me, I’ll be the first. It all started with a joke saying how cool would it be to write a book and publish it?

Here we are people, I’m hoping a few short months away from publishing my first book? It all started out as a joke for a short time. Then turned into a Dream and an obsession. Don’t be afraid of that hobby you thought might not turn into something. You never know if you don’t try? Embrace who you are, keep working hard and doing the best you can every day. If you’re crazy enough just like me. Who knows, maybe just maybe if it’s something you want. You just might turn a weakness into a career that you didn’t think you belonged in a few short years ago.

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  1. You definitely have determination and dreams. I am so proud of the man you are and how you are trying to help others by sharing your story.

    1. Thanks mums, it wasn’t something I always had. It was definitely something I started to build over the years. Trying to make the most of it why I still can.

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