Crab Mentality

Crab Mentality

You Can’t Have It

The crab mentality is just like it sounds. Its a mentality of if I can’t have it neither can you. Imagine a bucket filled with crabs. Say there are 20 crabs in this bucket. All 20 crabs are stuck in this bucket and can’t do anything or escape they are stuck and that’s it. All of a sudden that number 20 crab is on the top and all of the sudden it hits him. I’m close to the top. I wonder if I can reach the top and escape?

That number 20 crab finally decides to make a break for it and try and be free. But there’s one problem with his escape plan. His 19 other friends in that bucket won’t let him escape. What they are saying and thinking is if I can’t get out neither can you nobody can. Instead of being supportive and trying to help each other it does the complete opposite of that.

The Great Escape

Number 20 gets a grasp on the top of the bucket and it feels the breeze on its claw and the rest of him as he tries to pull himself up to the top to be free. One last pull and he’s out. Then all of the sudden all of his inmates decide to pull him down quick and let him know that he can’t escape. So, he tries it again and getting close again and they pull him right back down.

Try after try number 20 is getting very close to escaping then he feels a pull and falls back down. Now, they break his arms so he can’t pull himself up. Now the other 19 are thinking he’s not going anywhere now without his arms to pull himself up.

It’s Worth The Risk

After some time, stubborn number 20 is not giving up and determined to get out and be free. He’s pulling himself up with whatever he can trying to grab and pull onto anything he can to help get out of the bucket. Now the other 19 crabs have had enough number 20 isn’t listening anymore. So, what do they do? They kill that crab because he keeps trying to escape and not staying in the bucket and following everyone else.

Now, this might be kind of a silly example that I’m sharing but in all reality its spot on towards our everyday living. In your own life for example. Do you have big dreams or goals you want to accomplish?

What makes my own bucket so unique and so different from yours or other people’s buckets. Is instead of having 19 other crabs with me in my bucket. The only crab that was with me in my bucket of life was myself. That’s right, it was just me.

Me vs Myself and I

In the crab mentality example, I didn’t have friends or family or other people pulling me down like most people might in their daily living. For me the only one that was pulling me down was myself. Again, I’ve been my toughest critic from an early age. I have been my toughest opponent and the biggest threat to myself throughout my whole life. But I have also been my best and only friend at times throughout this journey.

Now that is not a stab or insult to anyone in my family or friends around me. I just know what it’s like living in my shoes every day dealing with the issues that I deal with on a regular basis. There’s only so much I can share and explain with others without being overwhelmed and upset even more. In all reality even if I talk to someone and explain what I’m dealing with or struggling with my learning disability for example. Nobody can do anything. Yes, my parents will try and comfort me as a little boy confused and upset in school. But in all reality that didn’t do anything or fix anything.

Walking In My Shoes

That’s again not a shot at my parents, that’s just reality and the facts. I know each and every one of us all have our own personal hiccups and issues that we face every day. All I’m getting at is unless you have the same disability as me and able to walk in my shoes. You will never know what this burden is like on daily basis.

That’s why the crab mentality is a good fit for me, with a slight variation. The world or people around me were not trying to prevent me from being successful and chasing what I wanted in life. In most cases, everyone around me was right there with me supporting me. I’m beyond grateful for that for all of the love and support I got through my school years and life in general. The only one I was battling with was myself. That’s why I’m thankful I didn’t have more crabs in my bucket.

Don’t Stop Fighting

Now your situation might be different but your path doesn’t have to be the same as mine. After a while, I decided enough is enough. If I was going to get out of this bucket and escape and be free then I have to change my ways and fix what I have been doing wrong most of my life. Now here I am trying my best to change every day and get out of the bucket of my negativity, sadness, and hatred toward myself. My mentality has shifted alot in the last few years and I found more reasoning in life to win and be successful now.

You will find it too, you just can’t give up. Keep fighting and keep gripping the top of the bucket, don’t let go. If there are people in your life that aren’t supporting you then get rid of them and kick them off of you as your hanging on to your dreams. As hard as it might be you have to get rid of that dead weight. You only get what chance to live and one shot, make it count.