Dreams Vs Fears

Dreams Vs Fears

Dreams Or Fears

When you think of dreams what do you think of? When you think of fears what do you think of? Now, look at your life and where you are right now at the moment. What are you currently living right now, its dreams vs fears?

Most people will get defensive, it’s definitely my dreams and I’m focused. But looking at their work ethic they aren’t doing anything. They don’t have a plan they don’t put the time into their craft to try and get better. They are just talking and not following through with anything else. Just like ET says, “they don’t want it bad enough, they just kind of want it”

Make Up Your Mind

You need to make up your mind and fast. Do you want to chase this dream and accomplish this goal? Do you just what to talk about it, that would be cool if I did that one day. Now you need to decide what you want to do?

If you chase your dreams or stay content and settle because you have fears. That could potentially give you two different lives you could be living. If you chase your dreams then the opportunities are endless and who knows what else will open up. But if your hesitant and scared that you might miss out on some opportunities in life. That ship might sail by and that was your only chance you ever get in your life toward that dream of yours.

The Journey

For me, I have big goals and dreams of what I could do with my writing and what I could accomplish. But with accomplishing a lot with writing hopefully, that also means potentially I could be helping a lot of people which is what I’m hoping for. I’m, not a big name, I’m not famous and sitting on wealth and buying my way into this field like some people do by throwing money into it.

For me, it’s much bigger that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I was scared and hated myself and had a lot of fears and doubt in my own self for most of my life. Now I’m here to prove something to the world. Not to show off and brag about what I’m hoping to accomplish and rub any of my success in your face that might come with writing down the road. For me it’s simple I’m only trying to prove two people wrong and to tell them if you put your mind to something you can be successful and accomplish anything you want in life.

The Little Things

The first person is me. I’ve been my worst critic, my worst enemy and toughest opponent every day for most of my life. All the negative talk and side effects I developed over the years has taken years and years to try and fix my bad and negative habits I developed.

Second is YOU. I clearly know what it’s like to not believe in yourself and think you’re a loser and will never accomplish anything and be successful. That was my mindset and outlook toward life for far too long.

That’s why when I become successful in writing. Now when I say become successful, you can take that any way you would like. If that’s selling millions of books, impacting people through my writing it could be anything you want. For me what I will consider a success is simple. Not only connect with kids like me and try and help them better their lives. One of the biggest success moments for me that brings a smile to my face and helps me stay focused when I don’t feel like working. Is when my first book gets published and I see what I created, and Peter A. Harrower on my OWN book.

Published Author

I can’t use my learning disability or dyslexia as an excuse anymore because that’s crap now and doesn’t work. I wrote the book, now editing the book, and ready to publish my book soon. Straight from the words of a kid who hated school, and hated reading and writing. Now I’m a published author and accomplished one of my main goals in life.

Once that happens and I become an author officially now, all I can say is watch out world. Because I turned one of my biggest weaknesses and flipped it and turned it into now one of my greatest strengths. If that doesn’t motivate you and give you hope knowing that it’s possible then I’m sorry, but you’re not ready for the next step yet in your life. You still have more personal stuff to work on.

Using Anger As Fuel

Do you want to hear some good news? You’re, not the only one that has to grow and get better. I’ll be right there with you. Every single one of us can get better and should be trying to get better every single day.

Yes, life is short and we should be enjoying it why we can because it goes quick. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and be better than we once were? After all, we only get one life, one chance at this game of life. Let’s all start making it better and trying to chase the right goal in life.

Now go chase your dreams and kick some butt every day. Stay away from your fears and keep your distance for as long as possible. Because life will try and bring you down some days, people will try and hurt you and say you can’t accomplish your dreams. There’s only one correct response you need to give them. Smile at them and punch them in the face. Alright, I’m kidding haha, don’t do that. Smile at them and continue to work. Use that as motivation and fuel to chase your dreams and leave them and your fears behind you.