Welcome to The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes

This is my story and my life. I have a goal and dream I have been chasing for over six years now. It all started back on August 6, 2011, when I started writing, and that night I decided I want to become an author. I believe I have a unique story, and I think the world needs to hear it. Just like the world needs to hear all of our stories. I had my struggles and ups and downs just like everyone else. I was definitely down for a long time. Over the years I have found a way and kept battling to make it through my dark tunnel. Even with my learning disabilities, I felt like everything was against me. I realized everything wasn’t against me, I was using it as an excuse and being lazy.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else. What makes me different, or at least my opinion Is I finally decided to do something about it. I stopped feeling bad for myself, and letting everything get to me and decided to make a change. I created this blog and website to share my story with you, and try and give back and help people. Mostly kids to not make the same mistakes that I did for years. Wasting this precious gift that we call life, I wished my childhood away and now I’m 28.

I’m Still Learning

I’m still working and trying to figure out what my purpose is and what’s next. I think now I can finally say after all of this time, I’m starting to understand life and the direction I’m heading. I’ll admit, Peter A. Harrower is not a household name YET. If you’re going to have a dream and goal, then you should make it big enough that it scares you. It should be worth fighting for. If nothing else hopefully I can give you that little extra push to keep going and keep fighting. Welcome to The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes.

My Book is now available on Amazon on Kindle and Paperback.

The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes 

The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes