My Routine For The Day

My Routine For The Day

Day 11

My routine for the day, might not be the fanciest or the most exciting for some people. For years my routine was just to wake up and get out of bed, anything after that was a bonus. For days and weeks at a time, I felt like a zombie just going through the day. In public, it might not have looked like that, it’s because I’m a jack of all trades and was wearing my handy mask of mine all the time. Maybe I should have been an actor haha? Once my series gets picked up then I should make that one of my musts for the movie. You can only have it if I can play a role somewhere in the movie. Well if you’re going to dream, then dream big, right?

A normal day for me is getting up around 3:30 am and starting work at 5 and work a few hours. I workout quick, then come home. Eat some food, read a little in the morning 20-30 minutes then maybe take a 15-20-minute nap. I will work on my website or next post for a little bit. Have lunch and then do some work for my dad, cold calling potential new clients or emailing and following up with people. Then I’m back to work around 3:30 pm and work until 7-8 usually. Then I get some dinner, shower and finish up a post I’m working on for the upcoming day. Maybe work on my book a little bit, and try and read a little bit more then I’m off to bed.

Make The Most Of Your Time

Now that’s not every day for me, but that’s a normal day for me a few days a week. The last few months for me this was my life. What’s important is you look at the day and what you want to get done within that time. If you know when you’re working then you forget about that time. What you need to look at is what you need or want to get done before work and after. If you want to get a lot done, well then you might have to get up early or stay up later. Depending on what your goals are or what it is you want to get done. You might have to sacrifice some things to complete the day and feel good about it.

There’s only so much time in the day and only so much time we can work with each day. What’s important is what you do with that time. Come up with a plan and follow through with it, however long it takes to finish. If it’s going on for a while and you’re not feeling confident or good about it, well then change it up and try something different. Now the key is to give it some time to test it out because it might take an adjustment to some of it.

Keep Doing Your Best

I know this will sound bad especially with me being a writer and trying to publish books and become an author. I still hate reading to this day, even with all the books I have read so far. I’m still slow with it, and after like 20 minutes I start to struggle sitting down and staying focused. If you’re like me then maybe you need to split up your reading. There’s nothing wrong with that and honestly, I think that’s better sometimes. If you’re struggling to stay focused and getting distracted, then you could end up missing some key information in front of you. In the end that could end up hurting you down the road.

My routine is not the best and it’s not full proof. This might surprise you but that’s life, things happen and come up. What’s important next and after those incidents are you keep going, Regroup and get focused again on what matters and what’s next on your list for the day. If you need a break to refocus or get energized and wake up quick. Take that short break and do something that doesn’t require a lot of energy or thinking. Go workout, read a book, play a game do something.

What Makes You Happy

My go to when I’m in a funk, this might be surprising but it’s usually writing or working out. Lately, I have been enjoying writing more. To this day I still love the fact that I’m in control and I can say whatever it is I want to say. I can create whatever and anything I want. That’s what’s so fascinating about all the writers ahead of me that started out as just books and then turned into movies. J. R. R. Tolkien, John Grisham, J. K. Rowling just to name a few.

Those are big names and who did a lot of books and a lot of their books got turned into movies. I’m not saying I want to be as big as them or even bigger. What I’m trying to say is we all have our interest and things we enjoy. All three of them started from somewhere and then blew up. I started from somewhere of course, and well who knows if I will blow up like them or not. Even if I don’t, I still will always love writing and will keep doing it as long as I’m able to.

Do you have a routine? A routine and plan are huge if you want to accomplish your goals and be successful in life. That’s why I’m sharing this now, some people just kind of go with the flow of things and that’s it. This is how I used to be and look what that did for me, nothing. A routine helps me stay focused and on track and pace for what I want to do and accomplish in the day. If you don’t have a routine then maybe you need to create one.