What You Say You Are

Chapter 1

Why are we here, why am I here, why are you here? That’s a question I ask myself every single day. This is Chapter 1 in my book. What is our purpose in life and our purpose here on Earth? That is the million-dollar question and the thing most people search for. I know that this question is on the top of my list. Why was I put here, why was I created the way I am? Why do I think the things I think, why do I do the things I do? Although I’m still trying to figure out myself and work on me, I now know it’s not a one-step process.

You will always be working on yourself, it’s a process we are always trying to improve. If you want to change or have to adapt to a bump in the road that comes your way, you have to adapt, or you will never get over that hump in front of you. I’m not here to tell you what you’re going to be, or what you should do in life. In the end, only you have that answer and can find that answer. The only thing I’m doing is to help you get to the path that you are destined for and searching for. My goal is to help give you some tips to move along the way and stay far away from the darkness and shadows.

Share Your Story

One major thing you have to realize is that I can tell you everything you need to hear. Your parents, friends, or mentors whoever can tell you everything you need to here, or want to here. It doesn’t work unless you believe it will. You have to put in the work and put in the effort and time. The more you put into your life the more you can get out of it. You only have one shot at life, one chance here on earth. All I’m trying to do is help you make your short stay here worthwhile and enjoyable. That’s what life is all about, enjoying your time here on earth and making the best of what you can. Maybe after you figure that out, you can pay it forward and help others who are going through the same thing you were struggling with.

Unfortunately, the world can be a cold, cold, place sometimes. Yes, I know it’s not all cold, some may think I’m naive about that. I do firmly believe there is still good in the world and there are good people. The way things are heading though, it’s not looking good and is changing quickly. It breaks my heart with all of the hate, anger, and wasted death. That’s why now is the time to change you and make a difference. Tomorrow and the future are not guaranteed to you, or anyone for that matter. Especially today who knows what’s going to happen in the near future.  So let’s start this journey and figure out what you’re why is.


This doesn’t work if once you figure out your why or your purpose, you don’t just stop after that. That is the time when you should keep pushing forward and get that fire to go after what it is you want. Destroy anything else that gets in front of you, or prevents you from moving forward. Do whatever it is you have to do to get what you want out of life, and your time here. It’s time to put in the work because no one is going to do it for you. Read books, listen to those motivational songs or podcasts, go to the gym at 5 am every day before work. If it’s important to you then two things will happen.

First, you will make time for it and sacrifice anything for your dream. Second, if it’s not important you will make an excuse for why you can’t do it or why you won’t do it. If it’s important enough to you, even if you are at the lowest of lows and you literally hit rock bottom, make a change for the better. If there is no one else to help you, then you just have to close your eyes, have faith, and just push forward. Don’t give up, your life will be changed forever and it will be worth it. Never stop searching for your Why and trying to master it.