Your Gift To The World

Your Gift To The World

Do You Know

What’s your gift to the world? Maybe at this very moment, it’s hard to believe you really have anything positive to share with the world. What can I give the world? I’m a bum, I suck at school, I’m not that smart I can’t read well. I have no degree next to my name. When I look at my resume what do I see? A variety of jobs over my life, some lasting longer than others. Realizing every few years in my life I get in a funk, it seems like I need something different in my life. Maybe I’m not in a funk, maybe the jobs I had at the time were just another step in moving in my direction.

Everything happens for a purpose, and everything that happened to me in my past brought me to this very moment for a reason. For years and years, I thought Peter was going to end up just being a pawn in life. What can I really do? I’m athletic and picked up sports very easily. I like to think I’m funny and can make people laugh. School was hell for me, I can be very sarcastic. I have anger issues, my disability still haunts me and hangs over me to this day.

In the end, I think I have a good heart, and I like to make people happy. I don’t like seeing people angry and down, because I was in a bad place and at a low on and off for most of my life. I clearly know what kind of toll that can take on a person, and how heavy of a burden that can be.

Never Stop Moving Forward

That’s why I think writing and sharing my story was placed in my heart. Just like trying to help people and make them happy in life. That’s why I think my writing is going to have an impact on people. I know first-hand what you’re going through at this very moment.

It’s not easy, in case you haven’t noticed life can be hard. Life can keep you down if you stop fighting back. I was waving the white flag and with no care in the world for far too long. Finally, it hit me, maybe all of this was just all a part of my story and what I’m supposed to share in my future?

My Gift

Now I truly believe this will be my gift back to the world. Will I go on and sell millions of copies and have some of my books be turned into movies. Part of me want’s to say yes and I hope so, I won’t lie about that. I truly think they can bring entertainment to others in the world, and that’s the goal. I want to make people happy and show them a different view and approach to life that maybe they didn’t see before. Am I trying to force something on to them or my views, no of course not? I’m just showing them one example of how someone sees the world through his eyes. That’s what’s beautiful about this, all of our stories see the world differently every day.  

Overall my priorities are to share my story with anyone and everyone that want’s to listen. Yes, you read about my goals with selling millions of copies in my fiction series I’m working on. Then maybe those books being turned into movies. I’ll be honest those three books is something fun I’m working on and testing my creativity. Hopefully, that’s where I make some of my money back.

Never Say Never

I’m not writing my memoir and my blog, for the fame and money. My blog is just another location to reach people and another source for people to understand who the real Peter is. My book and blog are for people and kids, that have a disability or ever felt like me. Have you ever felt alone, angry, scared of what’s next and searching for direction and purpose? That’s the audience I’m trying to reach with my blog and memoir. It’s not about dollars sold from my books. It’s about the people buying those books that I’m talking to.

Looking back at my early life, I never thought I would be trying to enter this field. I also never thought I would still be living at this point. Like I said, I was in a dark place for a long time. Now here I am, and for good. Do I have everything figured out and a book deal to help share my story? No, that’s life we will never have everything figured out. No, I don’t have a book deal, I had 105 rejections from agents rejecting my books.

Share Your Gift

Having those rejections, well that sucked I won’t lie haha. You can’t give up. I found a different approach now and taking a different path to my end goal of becoming a published author. I looked myself in the mirror and thought hundreds of times, maybe even thousands of times. Calling myself names that I’m not going to repeat here. I hated myself for years. I still struggle with that to this day. Through it all, I firmly believe this was placed in my heart for a reason. That’s why I’m so determined to make this dream and project of mine a reality.

From a young age, I knew I was different and was always meant for something bigger. I just didn’t know what that was. Now I know what it is. As much as writing brings me joy and makes me feel free and happy. I’m doing it for you just as much as I’m doing it for me. I’m stubborn and I can’t quit now, it doesn’t matter how many rejections I receive. This stubborn dyslexic kid is determined to enter a field that he never imagined of being in. I’m determined to share my story and passion I have towards life and what I want to accomplish.

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