Free The Beast Within You

Free The Beast Within You

What Are You

When you think of, free the beast within, what do you think of? Something big and scary inside of you? Maybe, you’re quiet and shy on the outside, but on the inside, the fire and the passion you have towards life is just waiting to be let free? It’s different for all of us, there’s no right or wrong answer. I’m going through my own battles every day. That’s what makes everyone so fascinating and so different.

As far as which beast I am, well I don’t think I’m scary, at least I hope not haha. But I think I’m the last example I used. Yes, I’m sarcastic on the outside and sometimes I might take it too far trying to be the funny guy and make people laugh. The reason why is I know what it’s like to be upset, sad and feel alone or a loser. I felt that way for far too long, that’s why I try and be happy with others to help bring them up. On the inside, I’m a caged lion ready to be free. Writing has been the main source to help me release this tension that’s been building up for years. It’s been unhealthy and caused a lot of stress and damage with my mind playing tricks on me.

This Is Who I Am

That’s why I’m so passionate now about writing and my blog, with trying to express myself and who I am on my posts. It’s not about the views and readers I might have every day, or how much money I could potentially make from this. I haven’t made any money from this, I’m still only begging. Yes, I have made it clear I want to pursue writing as a career somehow, but It’s not for the money it’s far greater than that. Money comes and go, yes, you can do great things with money and I still believe I will do great things with the money I make one day.

Unleashing this beast within me and letting kids just like me, people just like me that feel different or alone. Were all different and unique in our own way. We all express our ways differently and find different ways to do that, through passions and hobbies we find along our journey every day.

Time For A Change

The beast inside of me that I’m trying to release and let free, it’s not healthy and it’s weighed me down more than I would care to admit. It’s been a heavy anchor holding me down for years and years. It’s time I cut my ties with it, and free myself from that weight I have been holding on my shoulders for far too long. It’s time you and I stop lying to ourselves and telling us that it isn’t so bad, it’s not that big of a deal. That’s a lie, IT IS A BIG DEAL. It’s easy to come up with excuses along the way because it’s safer doing that.

Just because it’s safer doesn’t make it the right decision. By always making the “safe move” every day in our life, what do we learn from that and how do we really grow from making those moves? The answer is we don’t grow and learn from those moves, honestly, it comes back to screw you even more down the road. As much as it might hurt, you’re better off just ripping the Band-Aid off now and except that pain now. Because that pain is only going to make your decisions and choices easier down the road.

Now Is The Time

This is for all ages, adults, and kids. This is coming straight from the mouth of a man trying to play his part and make a difference in this world. Do I do it every day to the best of my ability, no I don’t? Is there more I have to learn and grow in, well of course I do. I only started living three years ago, the first 25 years I was a zombie just trying to get through another day.

Maybe you don’t want to do your homework, maybe you don’t want to go to that meeting or workout today. HONESTLY, who cares what your excuses are, JUST DO IT. Look I get it, if it’s serious well then, you can’t do it. But people complain so much today, and I think most of the time they are doing it for the attention. Yes, WORK sucks sometimes and it’s uncomfortable and it’s not fun. Newsflash people, that’s why they call it WORK. Somedays it’s hard, and it takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your limits. You have to recognize the difference from I physically can’t do that, or I just don’t want to do that.

One Day It Will All Make Sense

Here’s the plus, when it pushes you to the limits. It’s going to help turn and build you into the person your meant to become. Maybe not this week, maybe not even this year. But someday down the road, it will all click, you just have to keep working. You can’t let that beast inside of you control you every day. No good can come from that. Yes, you can use that as motivation and hunger to keep going and keep working hard every day. By being in that uncomfortable stage and being out of your comfort zone, is when you start living. Sometimes as funny as it sounds, you just need to embrace the suck and keep doing the best you can every day.

That’s when you will start to control your life and start enjoying who you are. Now is the time to take over that beast and fight back and control what’s been controlling you for years. You’re in charge, you run the show of what you want to do. It’s time to make something of yourself and start becoming the person you were meant to become.