Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Through Someone Else's Eyes

What Do You See

Every day we see the world through our own eyes, and every day we all see something a little different. Of course, that’s a given were all in different cities, states even countries. As I was growing up I always wondered what people thought of me? This concept and me wondering goes way beyond me hoping they liked me. For me it was on another level, I wondered what kind of person do they think I am? Am I nice, do I seem sad, two-faced whatever the word you want to use. What If I could see Through Someone Else’s Eyes? Hense the title of my website and book, The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes.

All my life growing up, I felt like I looked at the world, my world differently than most. I mean I had to, with my faults and disabilities growing with me as I would grow through the years. I then flipped the script and wondered. Who am I really? If I could see myself through someone else’s eyes what would I see? Would I like what I saw? Do I even know how I carry myself day in and day out? Would I be impressed or disgusted? So many questions you would be asking yourself and wondering. But first the biggest question of them all. It’s a yes or no question. Would you want to know, and see yourself through someone else’s eyes?

Would You Be Happy

I would want to know in a heartbeat, no hesitation. Honestly though, if you’re doing it right and you take in what you say and what you’re doing on a regular basis. Then you shouldn’t have to look through someone else’s eyes, to know who you really are. You should already know, who you are. The next part with that is, would you like what you see? Would you be embarrassed and disgusted? Maybe impressed or happy with what you see?

Using me for example, in my early years leading all the way up to graduation. I would see a kid trying to find himself, struggling with his faults and the cards he was dealt with. Trying to figure out who he is, and what’s next for him.


Ages 19-25 I would see the same thing, but worse and on a whole different level. As this young man was growing up, searching and lost and confused. His eyes open to the real world now and overwhelmed and feeling the pressure of growing up. He was in awe and curious as to why growing up and why life had to be this hard and stressful? It shouldn’t be this hard, life should be fun and enjoyable. Not filled with darkness and sadness and living in the shadows, hiding your true self from others. Well, unfortunately, that’s the world we live in now. Were embarrassed to show who we really are and what our true self really looks like.

Enough was enough, this kid had to grow up. Things had to change for him, or else he wasn’t going to be around much longer. Something, someone had to give in and loose. You could tell this kid was in a battle. The battle he was in, was against himself which can be the trickiest of them all sometimes. It was time for a change and a change for the better.


Looking around seeing how everyone else was living, older and younger there were so many success stories. All with different backgrounds, if they can do it why can’t he, why can’t I? It was time for a change, and sacrifices had to be made. So, sacrifices were made, his lifestyle changed and for the better.

Two years later and after changing his lifestyle and for the better. Making goals and changing his ways and views toward the world and how he lived every day. Things have never looked better and more promising, I think he’s on to something finally. Reading 35 books in a little over three years, written three books totaling a little under 250,000 words. He realized if he wants to grow then there must be server changes.

We’re always gonna have weaknesses and things and skills were not crazy about ourselves. Unfournatley, that’s life, there is only so much we can control, but with that comes a choice. You can stay mad about that, and keep hiding in the corner and under the shadows being embarrassed. Or you can do something about it, and change your way’s.

Don’t Be Afraid

Everything, I’m trying to tell you and share today. Don’t be afraid of your true self and who you really are. Again there’s only so much we can control, again like my learning disability for example. I can’t change that it’s who I am, and it’s something I’m gonna be battling and working with until the day I die.

What I can control though, is how much it affects me and how much I use it as an excuse. Playing that game of looking at me through someone else’s eyes changed me. I didn’t like the person I was and the direction I was heading. Now that was just what I saw, looking through my own eyes. If that’s what I saw, imagine what kind of vibe I was giving off to my family, friends, heck even people I don’t know? Something had to be done and something had to change.

This little test or trick whatever you want to call it was one of the many things that opened up my eyes. I challenge you to try it, and really think about who you are and what people see every day. Is there stuff I’m still working on and things I want to change, of course, there always will be haha. Again that’s life and it’s all apart of our journey. We are all on different paths and look at things differently every day. So how do you want to be viewed every day, and what do you want people to see? Just remember you never know whos watching, or whos looking up to you?

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