My Letter To My Younger Self

My Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Peter

This is my letter to my younger self, going all the way back to March 25, 1990. Looking back, it has been a heck of a ride. You have been through so much. If only you knew what was waiting for you down your path? Well, you are going to find out soon enough. Whatever you do, just get ready. It’s about to get bumpy, and it won’t be easy.

You are going to have a lot of personal issues as the years go on, but it’s totally worth it. The reason is because of all your struggles and issues you will go through. They turned you into the person that you were meant to become and destined for. That’s how life works out sometimes buddy. You have to go through the bad and ugly, to get to the happy and great sometimes.

I can’t believe you are six years old now big guy. Everything is about to change, more then you could ever have imagined. From this point on going forward, all the way to now at 27, your life will never be the same. You were officially diagnosed with a learning disability, and now you have change schools. Nitrauer Elementary will be your next destination. It won’t be easy, but don’t worry there are a lot of good people that help you through that transition and all the way till graduation.

Don’t Fall For It

All you are focused on is graduation and to be done with school. I want to tell you first before you wish your life away and just skip to Graduation. All you can think about is to be through with school and out of that prison. Can you do me this one favor first? Don’t wish your childhood away like I did? Enjoy it while you can. It might be too late for me, but it’s not too late for you.

Focusing on the end Goal, and my future. With doing that, I missed out on my present and what I was currently living in. It might sound weird hearing this from your future self, but just listen and stay with me, Peter. Don’t do what I did, because I know what it’s like at the end of the road. Now I have to deal with that regret the rest of my life until the day I die.


It is so hard to believe, you’re finally here it’s May 23, 2008, finally graduation day. High School is officially over for you! Congratulations man. I know this was your ultimate goal and all you were focused on. You should feel excited about what you just accomplished. We both know you don’t feel excited or feel like you accomplished anything. The feeling you are starting to get in your stomach is almost that sickening feeling.

You realized the mistake you made. Your time machine is broken. There is no going back now. The ultimate goal is here and you’re living it buddy, but it’s not what you expected. You were told a lie, you thought life was going to be easier and everything would fall into place. With being Dyslexic you had to adjust and look at life differently all these years. You might not like it, but it’s only going to get worse and bumpier ahead now.

Good Job

Well, you made it this far, from this point on, your life is about to change, for the better finally. July 12, 2015, you realized enough was enough it’s time to make a change for the better. Peter, it’s a great feeling, you finally realized that if you want a better life, then only you can change, it nobody else can. You are committed and willing to do whatever it takes to win finally and get away from the darkness and shadows that’s been holding onto you all these years. You realized your faults and personal issues you might always have. It’s time to put that to good use and help kids and people of all ages just like you and me.


It’s almost the end of 2017, as crazy as that sounds 2018 is around the corner. Personally, I don’t know what 2018 will bring for us. I do know, you are almost done with working on and getting ready to publish your FIRST book. I know I still laugh about that every once and a while and smile about it. But wait, what, I’m dyslexic? I can’t read fast, or spell, I did horrible in school. How am I able to write a book? Let alone be close to publishing a 90,000-word book? It’s your story, our story, and you are doing it to give back to the kids that need to hear what we did wrong all these years.


That’s why we are going to succeed, well do our best to succeed now, we have to succeed for them. With my past mistakes that I did and your future mistakes, you will see them soon enough. We can finally be ok and proud of what we accomplished so far. Now we’re finally living our life, now we have an idea what our future holds. Of course, nobody knows for sure. After all this time, and these issues we had growing up. Finally, at the end of 2017, we now know what it’s like to live and why we can’t take advantage of this beautiful gift of life anymore. It’s time we get out of our comfort zone and finally escape this tunnel, and leave the shadows behind us for good.

Don’t forget where you came from, and your past Peter? That’s what made you and help turn you into the person you’re meant to become. Yes, it was hard and we almost didn’t make it this far. But you didn’t give in and you didn’t stop, just like we can’t stop now. What we’re doing now, writing is not a hobby anymore, it’s our obsession. Let’s keep working, and keep this momentum going into 2018. Let’s make the next 20 years, better than our last 20 years.