I’m Back

I'm Back

Guess Who’s Back

I’m back people it’s been a little under than two months since I’ve posted something. I needed a short break. I was getting married and then going on my honeymoon I also left my job at the gym. Now I’m back and ready and fully charged to get back into my writing. I have missed this, its been a long time since I wrote here let alone my journal. But I’m excited to share some new posts with all of you down the road.

I got married almost two weeks ago, it’s crazy I’m a married man now. It still hasn’t kicked in yet which I think is kind of weird, but I’m not surprised because there’s been a lot going on the last three weeks. Getting ready for the wedding then the honeymoon and got back a few days ago. Now I’m trying to get back in the swing of things and my daily routine every day. Plus still trying to unpack everything and figure out where all of my stuff is, so that’s been alot of fun.

What A Year

It’s been a great year so far. I started dating Lindsay in the beginning of February of this year. Now a quick eight months later I’m a married man. In that time I went to Europe for the second time for two weeks. Went to Outer Banks twice with my family and hers. Now married with a new house and a new pup. It’s incredible, and I’m very excited now because it’s all new, and I’m ready for the next chapter that God has in store for me and excited to see what he has planned for me.

Now I’m not scared or nervous at all for getting married and being a husband. I have been praying for this moment and wishing for it for years now. The moment is finally here, and now I’m on cloud nine. It’s been a fantastic year so far and looking forward to finishing 2018 out strong and with another high of publishing my book.

Home Stretch

I’m so close to finally being done, I know I have been saying that for a while but its true I’m very close now. I’m going through it one more time and making some minor corrections, and then I’ll read it one more time and make sure it’s all good. I have the pictures figured out, and the book cover is done I need to format everything and send it off for the whole book to be formatted professionally. After that, I need to upload it and publish that bad boy, and I’m officially done.

Now after I do that, I’m not done that’s only another step along the way. From there is when the real battle begins, or I guess I should say a new battle begins. Sharing my book with people and getting the word out with what I’m trying to do. Share my story and share with kids what I’m trying to do and let them hear my story first hand from me and they know what I’m trying to do.

The Real Me

I want them to see all of my struggles and failures not just in my book but first hand straight from my mouth. It doesn’t matter if that’s from my book or talking to them in person or however, I’m doing it. I want them to know and share with them that it doesn’t matter what your history WAS in the past and what you were doing. Now is the time to focus on the present and where you WANT to go in your life.

Every day is a gift we are given, some people recognize and know that and some don’t. Next, you should be grateful for waking up in the morning because not everyone will wake up. After you understand that and can fully grasp that, that’s when you need to start working and kicking butt every day. Because who knows if it will be your last day or not.

The Ultimate Gift

Take every day you are given from above as a gift from God because well it is. Make the most of that day in front of you. You have a new day in front of you and don’t focus so much on the past, focus on the present and what’s next.

I’m doing better as the days go on. But I still struggle with getting caught up from some stuff from my past. I’m not perfect. I’ll admit that it’s still a working progress in that category. But I recognize where I’m wrong and working on it trying to get better. I’m always trying to improve in the areas I’m struggling with or know I should be getting better in. I know what I need to do. But the question you should be asking yourself is, do you?

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  1. Way to go Peter! Great outlook on life, reflecting, living s d looking ahead. Keep learning as you walk with God. He has it all figured.

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