You Are A Mist

You Are A Mist

What Is Your Life

Why you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14

Going back to age six I always thought I was meant for something bigger and better than just me and the “normal life”. Nothing against that life that people live. I just always imagined and envisioned from an early age that life is so precious and so special, why waste it? Why do we waste it on stupid stuff?

Look At Your Situation

For me I always wanted to help people from a young age, I just didn’t know how or where to begin. Part of the reason why I wanted to help people is that I know I was broken and I needed help myself. Thinking if I help enough people that might help me. What if I do enough good deeds, will that make me feel better about myself and love myself for once? Will that bring joy to me and happiness to me? The answer is no. Yes, I will be helping people which will be awesome. What is it that will make me happy, what am I meant to do?

I don’t know what I meant to do. What if writing doesn’t work out for me? What if my books don’t get published and never turned into movies? Well, that would suck and I’ll be sad that my earthly goals didn’t pan out. Were only here on earth for a short stint. What’s the point in wasting the rest of the days I have left? Yes, I’ll be sad for a few days or weeks, whatever the time frame might be that’s not the point. The point is I tried, and it didn’t work out and it wasn’t meant to be and I move on.

Comfort Zone 

What I’m trying to share is we are only here for a short time. Stop wasting your time doing what you don’t want. If your job isn’t going anywhere then leave and take a new opportunity for less pay starting out doing what your dream job is. If you’re not happy in your relationship and it’s not going anywhere then maybe it’s time to move on?

Our life is a mist, your life will only be around for a short time. Life has been going on before you were born and it will continue once your mist disappears. Every now and then it hits me and I reminisce on what I have done. I have written three books and read 40 books and listened to 10 more audiobooks in four years.

Never Stop

Now I’m trying to turn my weaknesses and things that I hate about myself and I’m embarrassed about into a positive. Do I like opening up about my life and all of my personal stuff, no I don’t not many people would haha. But I’m doing that because not only will it help me feel better about myself. I want to turn my baggage and what I’ve learned into a positive somehow. What better way to do that than sharing what I have learned over the years.

Will people remember me for years after I’m dead, who knows, maybe maybe not? Part of me hopes that they would remember. I hope that they remember the person I am and what I tried doing and accomplishing before I die. Helping kids like me that were angry, felt alone and lost in the world. That’s my goal is to help those kids stay away from the darkness and shadows I was in for too many years. If I can help kids over the years by sharing my story, that will be a dream come true. As much as I want that dream to come true, and for the last almost eight years that was my main goal. Writing and helping kids and connecting with them.

Live It Up

Before my mist disappears at the end of my road. My priority is to make sure I can be the best son, brother, uncle, friend, and husband in 56 days and hopefully one day a father. Will I screw up, of course? Overall, I want those close to me to know that I love them and I tried my best every day for them. I didn’t always know the best way to share my love and sometimes I didn’t show it enough. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t care. I hope my actions every day explained how much I care about you.

That’s why I work as hard as I do. It’s not just for me it’s for you, it’s for my family and friends. It’s for the people that don’t know me and have no idea who Peter Harrower is. I’m sure there will be people that will never hear about the world through my dyslexic eyes. That’s just how it is, I’m just trying to make the most of the days I have right now.

Enjoy The Ride

Why keep worrying about what’s next and what’s in front of you? I’m still working on that and it’s definitely not easy. For me, sometimes I focus more on the future and miss out on the present and next thing I know it’s now the past and it’s over.

Don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made over the years. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the scenery and slow down and take your time. Live in the moment and let whatever comes next happen and don’t focus and worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Thank God every day for waking you up and for another day. Because some people don’t have that luxury that we have to see what we want one last time. You never know when it might be your time. Live it up and make the most of your mist and what’s in front of you.