What Superpower Would You Pick

What Superpower Would You Pick

I Choose Less Sleep

If you had one choice and that was it, there was no turning back after you picked. What superpower would you pick? Anything is on the table. Would you pick flying, strength, maybe read people’s minds? Would you pick one to be cool and make you better than others? Or maybe you would pick one to help others and try and make a difference.

My whole life I always struggled with reading and was slow. So, I thought if I could read faster that would be huge. I can learn more and get through more material faster. That was the power I picked a while ago. Then one day it hit me, it was a busy week between both my jobs working on the website. I was getting up early for a few days in a row for work and going to bed early. It hit me one day, I wish I didn’t have to sleep so long.

60 Extra Days A Year

I’m one of those people I think I need seven or eight hours of sleep. Now when I’m working early for a few days in a row or working late for example that doesn’t always happen. For me, I changed my power. My new power would be to only need four hours of sleep a night and that would be the equivalent of my eight hours of sleep. I think that would be awesome, and think of all of the extra time you would have every day?

There are 365 days in a year, with four extra hours a day. That would give me roughly 60 extra days in a calendar year. Can you imagine what you could do with 60 extra days every year? Even if you had five extra days a year, that would be huge for your success and what you want to accomplish. Think of all of that extra time you would have every day. You sleep for four hours, work for eight hours that’s 12 hours right there. You still have half the day left to do whatever you want.

What’s Important To You

If you would pick this power, I think how somebody answers this next question is how you find out the kind of person they are or what’s important to them. How would you spend those 12 hours every day? Would you relax watching movies, playing video games, what would you do? Maybe you’re trying to build a new career and start your own business like me. Think of all of those extra hours you can invest in your craft every day? Look at how much better you will get every day and how much farther you can get every day.

My memoir about me that I’m trying to get published. Writing that took about a month and a half maybe two months to write the rough draft. Now I added stuff over the years and changed things of course. But say it took two months, that’s the amount of time I would have added to my life every day if I could sleep less? Think about how much extra time I would have going forward if I finished my book with those bonus days? That would leave me two more months this year to write another book.

Choose Wisley

Now do we have superpowers, well no of course not. Are some people gifted and have amazing skills and talents, of course. To be honest, I could sleep four hours a day, but I wouldn’t be very productive and that wouldn’t be healthy for me. In the end, I think that would end up hurting me. So that’s, why you need to pick your power, very careful.

Now I don’t have those extra four hours a day, I think you knew that. But what I do have is the mindset and the drive to keep working and make the best use of the time I do have. Another way you could look at it is like this. I lost four hours, and I have to keep working to make up for that time I lost. Now a negative with that is, it’s probably not healthy if all you do is work and not live every day with that outlook towards life. If you have a goal your working on you could do that for a short time to try and get ahead of others or a project you’re working on.

What Would You Pick

This game is innocent fun. I want to hear from you, what superpower would you choose, and why? Comment below, I want to hear what people would choose if anything was on the table. There’s no right or wrong answer with this, so if you’re worried about that its ok you won’t fail haha. This is supposed to be fun, so let me know what you would choose?

Work is very important and I’m working very hard trying to share my story with kids and trying to build a connection with them through my blog and stories. With working hard every day and trying to provide for your family for example or taking care of whoever you’re taking care of. You also need to enjoy life and make the most of it.

Start Enjoying Life Why You Still Can

Sometimes I know it’s easy to get frustrated, trust me I completely agree and I get it. Instead of focusing so much on what you’re in the middle of or what cloud is hanging over you right now. Why not try and focus on what else is in front of you. Keep living and keep working hard every day, work doesn’t always have to be work. It can be fun and life can be fun. It’s about time we start enjoying it and making the most of it why we can. Life is short, you never know when it might come to an end and your life might be taken from you.