The Road Never Ends

The Road Never Ends

The Road Never Ends

Regardless of where you are in your life, good or bad. If not yet, we will all be going through something at some point in our lifetime that will test us. If you haven’t been through any tuff times or situations, that can be good, or bad. Maybe it’s about time you get out of your comfort zone and start living?

It doesn’t matter what your friends, family, or whoever is saying to you. If it’s positive well then take that in and use that as motivation and advice to keep going. If its negative, maybe that makes you mad or pissed you off with what they said. That’s good, whatever they said or did that started a light and fire within you. Maybe that’s all you need to take that final push in life and to keep going. That was the final piece to help get you start living.

Enjoy The Ride

Life is like a journey, in case you didn’t know that haha. We have good times, bad times. Sometimes you might wonder why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Maybe sometimes you feel like you have taken a wrong turn and it’s a dead end? It’s natural to think, well now what do I do? I can’t go this way, which direction do I go?

Unfortunately, that’s life, there is no playbook. People might have suggestions and tips for when things come up, which can be helpful. In the end, we are all different, and all going through different situations and scenarios in life. Nobody can predict your outcome and what might happen. Sometimes, life just kicks our butt and knocks us down. Maybe you need to reverse and backtrack a little bit and get back on course.

Lessons Or Blessings

I personally think with everything I went through, and still going through. Those turnarounds and backtracking you have to do sometimes, turn you into a better person in the end. Those roadblocks and turns that we take every day, or whenever those situations come up. Sometimes I think those can be a blessing and help a lot more then you think down the road. At the moment those situations might suck and be hard and frustrating. Well duh, because it’s hard and taking you out of your safe zone. Again, that’s how you grow and become a better and stronger you in the end.

Maybe not right away or during whatever incident that pops up at the time. Look at life and the journey we’re on like a GPS. Except its modified, we are all going down our own unique path, every day, every week and so on. Sometimes we turn off thinking its where were supposed to go, and that’s the direction we’re supposed to take. Now when we hear those horrible words “Recalculating” we think, crap what did I do, now what?

You Still Have To Work

For me, our future is already planned out and our path is already laid out in front of us. That’s why I don’t think the road will ever end for us because everything we go through every day is all a part of our life. The only time the road will end, I believe is when it’s our time to check out here on earth.

Now just because I believe my path and life is already made up and laid out in front of me. That doesn’t mean I get to kick up my feet and wait for God to take me in the direction I meant to go. No, I think that’s wrong and a mistake a lot of us take every day. We use that as an excuse and a copout sometimes.

Never Stop Working

Yes, I’m a Christian and believe in God, I’ve made that clear earlier. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have to work, and I can coast through life. No, that’s a lazy way to live your life and that’s CRAP. Look around you? Look at all of the people that are taken from us from a young age, and far too soon sometimes? Here I am at 27 about to be 28 in about a month. Some might say I have seen a lot of life so far, some might say I’m only getting started. That’s just two different opinions about life.

To me and what I think, I’m only getting started. I feel like I only started living life and making the most of it three years ago. From age 6-25 that was my foundation and building me into the person, I’m meant to become. Was it a long process, of course, it always is? Most good things take time and take a while to build.

One Of A Kind

“Whenever you get frustrated with yourself to remember that it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and six months to build a Rolls-Royce.”

Look at business as another example, Nike, or Apple. When those companies started, it was a bumpy road, just look into their history. That’s life that’s our life, you get out of it what you put in. Now, look at them now, Nike is worth 16 Billion Apple is worth 146 Billion, with a B haha.

Don’t ever be afraid of starting, and taking that chance. The best of the best had to start somewhere, just like you and me. That’s all a part of the journey we are on every day. Try and make the most of it, and as hard as it might sometimes embrace the suck. Those hard times, and at the time might seem like wrong turns. In the end, that could turn into a blessing and turn you into the person you are meant to become. Just like me, I wouldn’t change anything from ages 6-25. Those years were my foundation and building me into the person I am today. Remember the road never ends in your life. The only reason why it ends is if you let it.