Building A Solid Foundation

Building A Solid Foundation

My Foundation

Building a solid foundation is laying the groundwork for what you’re trying to build. Sometimes if you don’t pick the correct lot or come up with a well thought out plan. Your foundation might crack, or who knows what might happen in the future.

That’s why building a solid foundation is so vital and important for the days to come. What you put into your everyday life and your foundation your working on. Your mindset is what will help take you over the edge, good or bad.

What if instead of a foundation of a building, you look at the foundation of your life? What will you say about that at this moment? Would you say it’s a good foundation, or is it starting to crack and your hanging on for dear life? For me, because I don’t really care about you right now HA just kidding. In my past, I wouldn’t have changed anything. Even though it’s tempting, those hard times is what helped build me into the person I am today.

Negative Mindset

I’m human I’m not perfect and my emotions get the best of me every now and then. Sometimes, I’m still not crazy and don’t like myself. Now I know that’s not a good attitude, and I completely agree with that. That’s a constant battle I will be fighting with all of the days ahead of me. With becoming my toughest critic over the years. Somedays I look at what I did and didn’t do in recent days, or even in my past. It’s easy to think, crap why did I do that or why didn’t I push a little harder?

Yes, I have made mistakes and I will make even more mistakes ahead of me. The thing that matters is, I don’t focus too much on those mistakes and where I was or what I did earlier. Focusing on the present and where I want to go is what’s important next. Do I know what the future holds, of course not? Do I know if my books will do well, no I don’t? Will I even leave an impact on people and try and make a difference, or just keep talking about it? Those are common thoughts I have as I’m putting in the work and trying to build a strong foundation over the years.

Don’t Stop Moving

A negative mindset is one of the many ticking time bombs that can bring you or what you’re trying to build down. If you let it get out of control, it’s like cancer and keeps growing. That’s why you need to find the source and figure out the problem. When building a solid foundation, it’s important to trust and rely on your team. Unless it’s a one-man show and this battle you have to take on yourself.

If you’re a lone wolf through this journey and project your own. Sometimes we need to go through that storm alone. But what makes things different is when the person knows when to ask for help and when not to. Are you asking for help because you don’t want to do it? Or are you asking for help, because it’s physically not possible with one person? That’s what you need to recognize.

My Perspective On Life

This might be a surprise to you, but I don’t know what’s next for Peter. Now to some people that might freak them out. Seeing an open field and the unknown. Now on the flip side and the plus about that is, anything you want is out in front of you. It’s all about how you look at life and your perspective towards it. Is the glass half full, or half empty?

For me, I had both parents, three sisters an amazing family. With a roof over my head and my parents worked very hard to provide a great life for me. With that, I’m beyond blessed, and I know I have it easier than a good percentage of people in the world. I can’t deny that, and I won’t even try to defend that I didn’t have it easy.

I Hate Jenga

Now, what was hard for me and what made my earlier years so challenging for me. Was the battle I was fighting every day with myself. Being diagnosed with my disability I used that as an excuse and a copout saying I couldn’t make it in life. It’s impossible to be successful, I can’t even pass in school how am I going to get a job and provide for a family? Well before I can provide for my family, who would even want to marry this stupid kid? That was my first problem, I can’t take care of the simple things in my life. How am I going to provide for my family?

These were my issues every day. That’s why my foundation was a ticking time bomb in my earlier years. My foundation was like Jenga. One by one a piece of it was taken out every day. The only problem was I didn’t know how to put it back together and fill those gaps. That’s why I was destined to fail in life, and with whatever was in front of me down the road.

Come Up With A Plan

At the time, it didn’t matter how old I was or what I wanted to accomplish in life. For years I was ignoring the elephant in the room and ignoring my issues. I would try and pick up the pieces and it would collapse right away when I would let go.

Building yourself up from the ground up is step one. That’s why if your mindset sucks and your always negative, you might as well throw in the towel and not waste your time. It’s so important to look at what you’re doing every day. We need to get back to the basics and start building ourselves up first. From there use that drive and motivation, and share it with the world.